Economy Ups and Downs


The problem here is simply currency generation. The core system behind how currency is generated is the problem. If the generation is fixed, then the economy would become currency based, though volatile without a standard, and move away from the barter system it feels like it is drifting towards.


Well the max value of coin from footfall could very well be way too high. This also happened in Alpha and Beta and was corrected rather quickly.

Honestly though, I don’t think that the coin made from footfall (main coin generation) should be that high at its very max; whatever that happens to be. So if it’s 100c per unique visit and there’s a hundred players running through that person’s place every 24 hours (like it should be working as but isn’t) then that’s roughly 10k per 24 hours. The coin generation is important and I am all for rewarding people who make something that other players consider valuable, but it’s something that’s a little absurd if the coin per unique player visitor is set way too high.

What that value should be set as is a good discussion to have cause we need coin generation of some kind if we’re going to keep a coin based economy.


Well, coin decay would encourage people to spend money at least… now just need a way to generate coin. Combine this with minting and people could then begin storing gold instead of coin! Because gold won’t decay but coins would…


This is a bit of a tangent, but . . . PLEX only worked because EVE is (was?) a subscription based game, and PLEX could be used to pay for the subscription. That tied its value to actual time, and the PLEX --> (whatever the in-game currenct was named) market balanced to how the players valued time vs coin.

Such a thing would not work in Boundless, because there is no mandatory subscription.



Um…the problem is not enough money, not too much. The free portals are what allow low level players to be able to advance at all.

We need more and varied goods to sell, not taxes.

If fact, wiping out all the game’s taxes would be a huge help. Taxes are the death of any economy, real or digital.


It’s not the overall way footfall is being generated. It’s that footfall is the only REAL primary generation of currency and the majority of footfall rests in a small segment of the population and their primary expenditure is on oortstones and you can only get so many oortstones in a day and it’s totally rng when a meteor will appear and how many stones itll drop and who you have to split those stoners with.

but I’m sure you’ll have folks taking it as an affront against them when it has nothing to do with them but the system as a whole.


What about this… instead of footfall being the primary coin generator… what if 1-2 coins randomly dropped from blocks / surface resources?

The builders, crafters AND collectors could all get a little coin?

That should allow builders to build : footfall.
Crafters to craft: shops - > footfall.
Gathers to gather: extra coin, buy and sell resoures.

It wouldn’t even need to be a lot. If I came away with 1000 extra coin… then I could at least afford those 30 bitter beans I need to craft something or whatever…

WinWin? Thoughts?


It’s not bad.

Along the same idea, what if there was a randomly dropping resource who’s only use was to sell to the bank or as a trade good?


Haha. Perhaps we are siblings born from different mothers reunited through the world of Boundless going through the eternal struggles of an early development MMO?

Get on the Sexytrain…


Definitely a big problem currently is coins aren’t being generated at an adequate rate.


I don’t think forcing players to spend their money is a valid solution. What if prices for stuff is too high for certain players to spend it on or what if a new player comes into the game and then they start losing chunks of coin cause they don’t know where to spend it?

Really don’t know how I feel about giving players a money printing machine. Some players just have way too much time compared to others and that would give them a lot more time to basically print their own money.

I don’t have a very good pulse on how much money people are stockpiling. If the money supply is really that low, then people need to not charge so much for stuff in their shop.

I do agree that we need a lot more items to buy and sell and make cause this game doesn’t really have that many items. As far as taxes go, I just view it as a way to balance coin generation. Nobody likes being taxed but there should be coin sinks in this game. If we had no coin sinks, like shop and basket taxes, then we’d have other issues too, such as everything being worth very little coin. Though I am assuming you’d still want a coin sink of some kind.

It’s definitely a problem since resources are limited between any given world regeneration cooldown.

I wouldn’t mind this. It would make the economy a hybrid between barter and coin. It would feel kind of like Path of Exile. It would certainly make things a lot more interesting and I like interesting. +1 :+1:


It’s most definitely the footfall. Those with lots of footfall gains would buy and sell like mad, which had to economy moving. Now that those of us who had baskets up so we could craft things to sell are not gaining footfall, the prices of things aren’t worth it and baskets can’t be kept up.


I think it would really democratize the generation of coin. It will still allow those few players with the Portal Hubs to Generate coin.

BUT the rest of us mere mortals could still generate just a small fraction and keep more money in circulation.


Ingame currency on Eve was Credits. And I never liked mmos who used that subscription item. It destroyed the economy in all the SoE/Daybreak games. New server comes up “WTS Fungi tunic 1000 kronos” and ■■■■ like that. Cause no matter if the server was new or not, you still had access to kronos.

edit: when they did a new serve ron Everquest 2, one of their classic servers, I was literally getting Kronos like mad. I was very good at farming and made tons of ingame coin that I turned into Kronos. So I was able to have a subscription for 10+ years if I Wanted it. This is how bad these types of items are.


Personally I am cool with whatever happens to the economy. Just so long as I am still able to have fun playing the game. That’s my biggest concern.

Right now Footfall only rewards someone coin every 24 days unless that was patch fixed recently.


We just need to get away from referring to it as footfall and call it currency generation. We need better currency generators that are stable/reliable, otherwise as many have noticed and commented more and more of us will just continue to do straight up bartering for goods, which clearly I’m fine with. Coins just have no value in the games current iteration*

*outside of shops and baskets which are declining is overall use as far as speculation goes.


Well a money printer doesn’t sound like a good idea.

I like the idea of a small amount of coin dropping from blocks you gather up or from stuff you’re building. It rewards active playing even though it makes coin farming a grinding activity.

It’s just what it’s called. We don’t need to get away from calling it what it is and call it something else. It would be no different from calling the coin from a Quest basically Quest coin just like we call coin from Footfall… you now, Footfall coin.

Meh… just gonna go back to mining for a little bit. :man_shrugging:


If we’re speaking about currency generation and discussing other methods of generating coin, then yes we should refer to it as currency generation.

We’re talking about a system, where footfall still exists and generates coin, along side another system that is more global and stable. You wouldnt call both systems footfall then now would you?


Reading through this entire thread and I am having a hard time seeing what is wrong with the economy from the posts. It seems to finally be settling down.

Not every shop will be successful. If you are having issues making money in a shop, its because you are competing against everyone else. There are only so many customers to go around.

I am fully self sufficient right now, but I would drop coin for goods at a decent price. Its just that the ‘good deals’ are still not worth it to me, or they are in such small quantities that it is pointless.

In an hour I can make 180k-270k off of the current going price for shimmering orbs. Its kind of silly when you think about how easy it is to farm them compared to people using them to drive up the prices of all their goods.

@slyduda come back to us!


I was JUST thinking this.

Isn’t the reason everyone wanted the refresh rates to change to make it so buying items is no longer necessary to advance?

It seems like some would like items to regenerate enough to restock shelves but not enough to avoid going to stores and have prices drop. You can’t have it both ways.