Economy Ups and Downs


From what I read people complained about shops closing up or less turnover in baskets meaning goods being stocked less and less. As a result there is instability in goods reliability. Because there is no reliability in goods, it gives a false sense of economic stabilization. The thing that’s stabilizing is the way people are doing their trading. @deenw made a well thought post previously exploring the barter system and Boundless. So yes the economy is stabilizing as far as goods being available. Stabilizing as far as coin value is concerned I believe is a different problem.

I thought that’s how this whole conversation began, talking about about folks not liking bartering and then people chiming in they did do primarily barter and why they chose to barter instead of use coin.


There is tons of everything, we all have alts that can do everything. If there wasnt tons of everything the full timers would gobble it up and then we’d have a super expensive elite market.

We’re all cheap and want to be the monopoly man. Why pay a guy 20c per item so he can make a miniscule profit when i can do the same in 20 hours and not pay him anything? Sounds ridiculous? This is how everyone thinks. Yet in the real world you do your very focused one thing or maybe 2-3 max jobs.

I sell everything and have tried many many places. It’s a slow boring trickle. Pop is also very tiny. I hardly see anyone anywhere to be called an MMO.


Some of us want an economy… but I wont spend a dime in this environment. Request baskets are almost non-existent, so I know that for every coin that walks out of the door, it isn’t coming back.


Just to clarify, you want reselling shops and not shops where people farm their own materials or purchase them from other stores? .


I want enough coin in circulation that people aren’t afraid to buy and sell. Currently, it looks like everyones too nervous to spend coin because all the currency generators (portal people who get foot fall) don’t seem to be buying.

This is my humble opinion. Stats or metrics could show otherwise, but the one thing I know is that it’s way harder to get coin now that it was 1-2 weeks ago, and it was even drying up then.


portal people buying tons of oort stones…


When we say we want an economy, what we mean is we want an economy. As in ways to make coins. As in ways to buy and sell the things we want. You shouldn’t have to hit lvl 40 before you can buy and sell things. There shouldn’t be 1 in 249 shops buying things. Not saying all shops are obligated to buy, just that if the economy wasn’t busted there would be buyers of anything you’re trying to sell. Not just oort stones and the oddball shop here or there that also buys sack cloth.


since when do u need to hit lvl 40 to participate on trade? just buy a purchase basket and a shop stand and get going…

And did u consider asking shopkeeper what they need? there are rich people always in demand of material u can provide. or do some good for the community and hire some newbies to farm material for u.
player driven economy starts with u >.<


Last week you could sell beans, iron, gold, copper, sackcloth, leaves, gems, ores almost anywhere. And now you can’t. People are no longer buying what you have, and that’s bad news for n00bs. We’re down to like 6 shops with active and reasonable request baskets lol. It’s mostly a waste of time.


It’s funny to me, that a lot of players were complaining about the prices being high. A lot of us said it will balance out, and drop quite a bit as people learn how to make their own goods, at their own pace, and as the player base increases.

Now that the player base increased, a lot of players are forging, and a lot of players are gathering their own stuff, and prices are dropping a bit, Now we have the other crowd saying it’s broken.=
"I don’t like cheaper prices, and people having the freedom to go mine their own stuff, and have an alt to make their own stuff. I want them to depend on me alone and not work for themselves." , “footfall is broken”…

News flash for the 100th time. Footfall is not and was not and will not be “the staple” of your income. It never was intended as your income, or suppose to depend on it as income. Only a small bonus for making your plot worth something more than a rock and a table. A gift from the dev’s.

In a casual crafting game, the only real thing that sales, is stuff players choose not to make themselves, or gather themselves. Market prices ALWAYS fluctuate in any world economy. Supply and demand. Like playing the stocks. Figure out whats in demand and be flexible.


Also everyone has the freedom to choose to depend on someone else or just themselves. It’s been this way for years. It’s the meta. So nope, that’s not part of whats wrong with this game. If you’re not making enough money because of not seeing enough baskets buying stuff, then be flexible enough to choose another way until those crafters are low on supply again. This game is first a casual crafting game, then elements of everything else.

Also right after a release is always a wave of increase, then a calming of the storm. A lot of hardcore players played this 24 hours a day. A lot of them are now resting. In no way is this abnormal. Every game on Steam is the same way. They run an AD. then boom everyone buys it for a short time. Then people get bored and try other stuff and come back. It is the real life cycle of any game. I think the term “Lifesupport” is incorrect here. I think “Patience” to hang in there and wait for the cycle to come back around is accurate.

And for them to advertise this game more.


What is the primary source of actual income generation in this game? How are coins actually created and put in to the economy?


Market fluctuations are one thing but this is a crash and burn. Well over 90% request baskets are “Buying 0.”

Of those that remain, half are buying at insultingly low prices - gold bars @5c, fiber leaves @2c. So I can only assume these are not serious offers, just people throwing their baskets against the wall to see what sticks.

Why do I care? For the most part I don’t. I’ll just accept being poor for now. Maybe join up with someone, help them build something, do other fun things.

But the world’s economy in its current state will bring nothing but sadness to a new player who watches a Youtube video, buys Boundless, gathers a few hundred fiber leaves in hopes of selling and then wastes the next 2 hours looking for a shop that is buying.

Only way to retain our n00bs is gonna be to just flat out help them.


Ill buy most basic things for reasonable prices. I refill several times a day normally, but have had a lot going on the last week so have only gotten about once a day

Pofs’ Caveland on biitual ps hub, top shelf

Caveland on beckons shop hubs east in Aqua Embassy

And pofs player portal on kada i from ps hub


Selling to baskets to others , or your own shop stands, and Leveling. (footfall is only a small bonus, if your smart enough to put it in a high traffic area, and make it more than a rock and a table).

But you guys need to remember. At some point, with this game, you may not ever need to buy anything off others. What some people don’t realize, is that this is okay. I have several friends in this game, that make all their own stuff. How is this wrong to some people? Do some of you really think the meta of this game should be changed because you think this is whats breaking the game that’s been thriving for years this way? anyone can make a Moonies shop and be hugely successful. She works her butt off, and has high end items for decent prices. If other players can make a killing, learn how and do it to.

Remember, how many people can sell a yam and be better than the next guy. Specialize. Socialize. Make deals with crafters and be their supplier. Talk and trade for goods or services.


I don’t want to change the economy, I just want to see one that isn’t set up for failure. An economy of broken dreams and unmet expectations because the almighty coin simply isn’t there.


I will add , my own perspective is that coins are for players who don’t want to either, Craft it, mine it, chop it, gather it, or hunt it themselves. The only other option is to buy it. Coins really are not needed. You literally have to read the economy and find what is currently needed. And BE that guy to get there first.


Many of us in this thread are already fans of a barter system and setting up trade pacts with otehr crafters/gatherers. We were talking about the coins themselves and the currency system.

Some people complained about shops being empty/closing/their baskets experiencing a serious down turn and we simply pointed out a few reasons why that’s happening.

Ill reiterate again: footfall is the primary coin generator in this game and the majority of footfall is generated by a select population of the game. If they quit buying things with their huge purses then the currency economy is really gonna get hit in the pants.


To be honest, and some of you will be angry with this next comment. But, I personally believe ebay shops is what’s hurting the economy. Players trying to buy and then go mark it up like crazy to resell it.

The more middle men there are the more corruption and higher % raises there are. Its a solid fact.

I barter, labor or goods, for goods. I also have made a killing seeing whats needed at what time. If nothing huge is needed other than yams at 1 coin each. Guess what? I’m the guy gathering yams before you and racing you to the baskets. Understanding this is not WoW, or Eve, or any other mmo, and understanding this is a early bird gets the worm supply and demand game will help you.

Footfall use to be more of a coin generator of this game. The devs felt that it was never intended as a economic staple, and nerfed it before it ever went live. True some groups of people made hubs and put massive amounts of work into the hubs, and can generate decent profits. This still doesn’t mean it’s is the entire economy. This is proven now by the fact more hubs are showing up, and everyone is spread more, and no single hub is as profitable as it use to be.


That would be excellent if the game was just for you. I’m not trying to be rude, but when you’ve gone from like 50 shops all buying stuff to basically empty baskets everywhere… there’s probably an issue somewhere.

We shall see. I was spending about 200k on rock per day… now I’m not even sure I should fill my requests, cause I can’t make coin elsewhere. If I can’t see an opportunity to trade or make money, I’ll sit on my cash and wait.