Edit: Tinting Gear, cost and a crash


I thought I had 1 free tint available. Maybe not. But when I was tinting, the game crashed and when I logged back in, then it said I needed a token, (EDIT): there is no free tint for gleam members or backers except the 1st time you make a character, and not on gear. But the tinting did crash the game while previewing. might have been just coincidence.

Also there is a huge lack of instructions. One not saying the adventurers get a mask for free, that’s already in the inventory sucks. Not telling us the memberships is a one time use except for auto fuel.

I spent 800 cubits for a mask that I didn’t need to. The helpful video wasn’t pinned at the time and lost down the forums somwhere.


Also just a question. Gleam club members don’t get tinting on gear? We already have to buy tinting for our characters before you offered it. And we only get to tint once? All games I’ve played before, while you were a member of the vip or prestige, or platinum clubs, you get the benefits the entire time your paying for the membership. You will find people like to change their looks a lot. It’s why membeships exist. If I wanted a one time tint I would have just purchased a 1 time tint with cubits!

A one time tint, not applying it to existing characters, not applying it to our gear, makes the club a waste of money. I’d rather gather some leaves and make cheap beacon fuel then to pay for a one time mediocre color experience.

The tints aren’t working hardly at all. You have to work hard to get combo’s if you want to apply all 3 area’s. One always seems to bulldozer the others. And if you guys change or fix this, it shouldn’t cost us to go back and fix our characters afterwards. It’s selling a flawed product and charging the customer to come back to purchase the fixed one.


I agree with this.


Did you have the option to submit a crash dump upon a game restart?


I just purchased Gleam Club and do not know how to access the tinting, actually I do not know how to access any of the perks?


The Gleam Club tinting is for your character only… which only seems to be usable if you are actually creating your character… if you already have a character, is a bit of a non-seller, as you can’t retrospectively change the tint.

I would have expected the character tinting to be able to be applied after you bought the Gleam Club - otherwise it’s a big of a chicken and egg scenario :thinking: Generally players won’t know about the Gleam Club until after they have started playing, by which time it’s too late to then tint your character.

Ideally the character tinting should allow you to change the tint once per character, per month that you purchase the Gleam Club for.


Yeah that is not right. that was the reason i purchased this. I would like a refund


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll pass your comments onto the team.


James posted in another thread that they will be changing the gleam club to include changing tints as long as you have the club.

@vdragon I always submit one. Try to be helpful. I am now thinking Its not related to the tinting. There was a lot of server issues that day and lots of disconnects reported. I think it was just a coincidence.