Effects after armor?

I was looking around on google, trying to find something I could turn into an idea to suggest and in the end I found something! I’m just going to dive right into it -inb4hate-

After I played around on my Warlock on WoW for a while and noticed that beautiful green fire quest being released I got seriously hyped. I ended up wearing green gear to match my spell effects, how about a way to change the colour scheme for the effects of your character?

Or some certain legendary items, how about a way for them to effect your character? For example the equip effect on the “Corrupted Ashbringer” from WoW

  • Equip: Inflicts the will of the Ashbringer upon the wielder.
    When equipping this your character turns darker

Please feel free to give me your opinion on this and anything to make it better! :smiley:

kinda cool. but would honestly make it extremely hard to do pvp since it would remove any sort of visual que on what is happening if i take a single example that i turn my fireballs blue and my frostballs red. that would personally confuse me waay too much.

True you have a point… I’d love to figure out a way to make it work though

i suggested a dye system, so instead of using spell colors to fit your gear better why not just used gear colors to fit your spells better?

Enemies could be outlined in red?

what does that have to do with anything?

Well I assumed you were talking about distinguishing enemies and/or enemy attacks from your own?

he wants to be able to color his spells / attacks. where i point out that it would be really stupid if you could make your fireballs blue and your frostbolts red.

I want to note that I mean that you can only color your spells to one color, the green fire given to the warlock is the only color on your spells.

I think the concept of placing a unique color on your spells/abilities is fine so long as the animation is the same.

Animations are necessary to help with ‘Tells,’ or hints at what is coming from a mob or player. This is important not only for PvP but also for PvE, otherwise we are all just guessing what will be coming at us next.

However, adding a different color to one’s abilities could add a new level of strategy to combat, especially PvP, where matching the ability/spell color to a hue found in the combat area would lead to huge advantages for that caster as it would be incredibly easier to miss by a defending player.

Thus, reaction time and animation recognition would become far more important.

That would be cool, but I would put it low on the list of priorities right now. It would be neat to have something that you can do to change your characters entire theme to match.

For sure a definite v1.0+ addition.

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