Elarian Monster Hunt Today (Nov 11) at 5:00pm EST/10:00pm GMT

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We, the citizens of Elara, have elected to hunt Today at 5:00pm EST / 10:00PM GMT. While it’s doubtful we’ll hit chisel knights sizes… It’ll still be fun and productive all the same.

We welcome anyone who wants to join to meet us in Munteen Paradise at the Elarian portal then!



hey awkanic if ya want later on ill have a sign telling about hunts on plaza
i can set one up on aqua shopping to for you guys to get more people to join
and belief me it works :smile: gonna come look for you later on grtz moebius


Where abouts is:


x x


For sure. I’m going to be trying to establish a weekly thing so this could help. We’ll probably organize a few before we find a schedule that works for everyone though.

The portal to Elara is right beside the Chisel competition in Munteen Paradise (the Capital of Munteen). Elara is on Solum but we hunt on Munteen. If you need more info, maybe we could meet somewhere and I could guide you there a bit earlier… just let me know when and where. Hope to see you at the hunt!


Where is the meeting point?


Just outside of the Chisel Coliseum, right beside 142’s portal hub… at the portal to Elara.


That was a lot of fun, thanks to everyone who participated. Great scouting and pulling by the group!

@james Our entire hunting party disconnected multiple times, and when we reconnected all of the mobs were basically just respawning. I suspect there’s something possibly causing a crash when large groups of mobs spawn. If you’re looking for logs, our hunt was 5:00pm EST to 6:30pm EST . I took a screenshot as I was reloading just after one of the crashes at 17:34:29 (so the crash would have happened within a minute or so of that).

Hope this helps