Elemental damage bombs


I’m not honestly positive if this has been suggested or not, nor was this my idea. This is actually the idea of the always amazing Dexx666.


To make more use of some of the bombs nobody uses, sells, or buys, how would all of you feel about the bombs doing the elemental damage in correspondence to their gem? Ruby=burn damage, etc…

Thinking under the same lines as how the slingbows are set up.

Your thoughts please?

Edit: you bomb hunters out there,what are your thoughts?


I think this is already the case, but i did not check them in a while so i am not 100% sure.


This is already the case. People don’t use elemental bombs because:

  • Durability is only 200 even at gem tier. From a cost-effectiveness perspective, they’re ten times worse off than slingbows, and even golden fists can hit bomb-damage numbers if forged well.

  • Hit detection and aiming for the bombs is lacking; if you get hit mid throw you’ll just kinda throw it in a random direction, and if the target you hit moves during the explosion it’ll count it as having never hit. (hp will go down and then back up)

  • Increasing AoE doesn’t remedy the above issue, and causes more volatile terrain damage

  • Unable to craft on durability, crit effect or crit damage onto bombs.

I very very VERY much want bombs to be viable (have an alt specifically dedicated to bomb hunting), but until they’re buffed up and bug fixed they won’t see much use.


Okay, I’m not 100% sure either,but I don’t remember seeing any elemental indicators when they’ve hit their target during a hunt.

@Lennexfox okay thank you! I don’t use them anymore for almost those exact same reasons.