Elop Portas

Thank, I did forget about the water plots, will do have lots of plots. Thanks about the off-center I will look in to it and see what will work the best. Thanks so much for all the help.


Finally made my way out to Elop Portas last night, with a little help with directions from @Jiivita …thanks! And wow! Very impressive! If I can be of assistance completing any aquaducts or other infrastructure, I’m game…just need a little direction on where to build. I should be able to spare 10 plots or so. :wink:

PS: @Jeffrotheswell temple and portal complex is simply stunning work! Wow! I explored a fair bit of it, many passages here and there to very interesting and varied '“mini-builds”. You definitely have the touch .


Well thanks boa :blush: I am working on a water/magmaduct prototype. But it will require Manny Manny plots. You could plot out the west road where it will be shorter


And I think I have the design ready, still not sure about how it’ll turn out, but I think it looks good.

Water Park




Let me know if you have any suggestions


I’d suggest sand for the skin, is has no lines on it at all, and looks a lot like that colour you’re going for


More thoughts on your water park, @Dzchan94; instead of giving the mermaid a yellow fish bikini, you could have two lengths of hair cover up her modesty.



I’ll do some tweaking to the program and post some pictures.

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hair is def the route to go - bikini just doesn’t seem to fit with ancient lore - maybe Hollywood lore lol but not ancient.

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Maybe take out the two center blocks? That way the hair is shown separated. May or may not look better. Just a thought:p
This is really cool though, can’t wait to see it!

Although to be honest, I think I like the bikini more. Just looks better

Ya but some of the angles aren’t doable with the chisel currently

Oh I see. That’s a bummer. Didn’t even notice! Well the hair can totally work. I still think he should try to separate it and see how that looks with the hair.

i like your idea. but it is DZ’s build

I was thinking about separating it, but that would leave some undesired skin visible, I want to keep it kid friendly, as there’s some kids playing


haha, good choice my friend. good luck in your building

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Wow that is so cool. I like that you put the hair in front instead of the bikini top. It’s more traditional style of mermaid. The dolphin is a real nice touch too. I can’t wait till its open!:bikini:


Thanks to all the awesome builders and supporters, I can show of some footage of the past and present of Elop Portas. I watch in awe as @Pseudonym84 builds the amazing Baths of Elopor from start to finish and we visit @SWProzee1 and friends in Europe for some really inspiring stuff. Thank you again everyone for creating so much beautiful content!


That explosion was @Spoygg murdering the poor Hopper I’d tamed…


With the first community challenge out of the way I am happy to declare spitters maw not only a successes but quite possibly one of the coolest things i have seen so far in boundless! Hats off to @Pseudonym84!!!
And now without further adieu the next community challenge.

                           The shrines of fire and ice

Two players not on the build team will compete to make the coolest shrine. You have two plots stacked two plots high and will dedicate this zone to the element of your choice. you will have two weeks to complete it. The winner will receive a water or lava bucket your choice. The 2nd place winner will receive a gem sling bow.

You will need four plots for this challenge. Each zone contains two plots side by side connected at the center of your liquid fall. you can also claim the two above.

After both players have claimed there spots then the competition will began. after two weeks or when both contestants say they are ready one of us will post screen shots to this thread and the community will vote on there favorite build using hearts.
pleas only compete if you feel you are up to the challenge and think you can complete the challenge in the time allowed.

:boundless: MAY THE ORT BE WITH YOU :boundless:

Edit: Remember beacons will have a new look soon two blocks high so display them with pride.