Emerald T6 sovereign planet help please

Looking to make a T6 emerald planet. Can anyone help me with what type of caves I need for the best % please.

Best percentage doesent mean in this Case best Farming.
Had one rolles with 50% Emerald but IT was Not mineable or much counts.

Take Standard caves its best option in my opinion. No big caves they steel you the Emeralds.

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To me big caves should condense the emerald in smaller pockets. Guess it doesn’t work that way?

Alright I’m winging it wish me luck.

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Wait, you had a planet with 50% emeralds? (which means every 2nd block is an emerald) and then it wasn’t mineable?

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50% does not mean every 2nd block.
50% means that half of the resource blocks are that kind of resource. Overall resource amount can be very low like every 1000th block. At 50% emerald then every 2000th block would be emerald.


Big caves Don t condense them you get only less of everything.

The only Thing an Emerald Planet IS good for with Tube caves at all Level possible and as less water as possible IS for combustian .
This IS the best for that.

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I ve forgot to say that i Had created a Planet for combustian OK IT should be a hunt Planet First but of the caves everything got too Edge y and was Not good for that.
IT Had over 300k combustian…

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