Emergency Maintenance Mode - 27th September

Hi guys,

We’re taking the servers offline due to the discovery of a potentially game breaking issue.

We will keep you updated on our progress and hope to have this resolved soon.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Thanks for the heads up… i didn’t even see that they were back up :rofl:

thank you and to all the devs for their hard work on this amazing game! :heart:


Was hitting invisible walls in rendered/loaded portals. Wonder if that’s the issue.

Feel free to roll back the server if you can too, I have a feeling the retroactive xp being rewarded was handed out on each world load.

But! Tables and chairs!

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This as I sent in a report in game after noticing it also.

I was just thinking. Logged in, entered the world, attempted to change a character and… poof

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Ahhh…I noticed getting smacked with xp after warping. Didn’t pay much heed though.

I love the animation you get logging in and walking through the Sanctum portal! Beam me up devs!

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Yeah I had finished exploring Storis the other day and I thought it was all catching up but then I noticed the same number of xp repeating.

Any estimate on downtime as yet? :cry:

It’s gonna be a while since they have to make a hotfix and do some quick testing first.

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I’m assuming the stuff I did in those few minutes didn’t save. Hopefully we get back online soon, I need to put those plots down :fearful:

An FYI for anyone who joined in the short period the servers were up for.

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Go for a jog in the mud then it will be ready to play :joy:image|532x499

You’re more patient than I am


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it’s the 1.0 universe release day all over again lol :grin:

I hope my coils that were being made won’t get a roll back…