Emoji qrcode that goes to the forums

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That is a fascinating idea


Oh yeah! Like at a farm, have a QR code sign that leads to a forum post about farming. I dig that!

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Here is one for the “Farm School”.



Awsome idea!

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I meant more like one that goes just to forum.playboundless.com since it would be general use

But it would also be cool if it could do more!


Awesome idea! I saw somebody built a qr code in Minecraft that brought you here :joy:


Now lets get it added as emoji …

Does that go to xafrant? lol

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A QR code maker in the sign system would be great. Some potential for mischief, though :thinking:

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Yeah that’s why I figured just official forums homepage and nothing else

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Yeah, getting kids to use random links…no bueno.

Official ones provided by BL though might be kinda cool


Is that a working code? Or just a mock-up

It should work…it’s for the forums.

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It could work, some apps let you do that and get a working code

Edit, I think the one I use is monkey qr or some stuff like that

Yes, it’s working.


Maybe they could put in a few versions of it with various icons in the middle
Also probably good to label it “official forums”, maybe along the top and one side to keep it square

I’d love to see these graffitied all over the BL universe! Haha

Can we make giant QR codes in pixelart form? Lol does that work?

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I’ve seen ppl do it in MC so why not here! Haha

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Yup pixelart qrcodes work

There is (was?) one at gyosha mall

I’d do one at dkmall but I’m at max alt :weary:

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