Emoji‘s broken PS4?!?! [Solved]

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There is a bug on finata I can’t make emoji‘s any of them me and my boyfriend both trying make the snowflake one and just pops up blanket

Does the beacon owner have Gleam Club?

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Yup we both have gleam club

Its based on whoever owns the beacon. If the beacon owner has it, there is also a minor bug where sometimes Emoji won’t show up the first time on signs, but if you do it again right after then it will work.

Ooooo derp sorry lol gleam club new to me

So you have gleam club?

Yeah we both play on pc and ps4 our PCs don’t have gleam just ps4 I totally forgot the person that owns gleam and beacon can only do the gleam club things :joy:

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Sounds solved then.

Yup it is :laughing: