Emotes for the game

So i have always loved playing around with emotes and i would love to see them ingame, im not sure how detailed they can make facial animations for things like smile, angry, sad, etc… even though they would be cool to see ingame
so i’ll list some of them here, and hope you will add others,

simple things for the pleasure is wave, laugh, dance, clap, chuckle, smile. things along that

and then for repsect. things like Kneel, bow, salute, and the likes.

i loved the emote system in final fantasy 14 since it was so complex and well thought out, it might be hard on them but something they had special were emotes such as pose (dependent on race) and examineself (looking down on your clothes)

also i know this game is mainly first person so im not sure what you could and cant do, but hope you will think about it.


I agree with FF14’s emote system being really nice. It’s definitely spoilt me when it comes to other games, I kind of EXPECT other games to have emotes of that standard now.

Emotes with voices and expressive faces along with body motions are the best!

I don’t really have any emote suggestions, right now though. "oTL

An emote system would be nice but shouldn’t be a priority in my opinion :smiley:

I’m personally a big fan of emotes because it really enables machinima, obviously it’s not as high priority as creatures or crafting but I’d like to think we’ll get round to allowing the characters to express themselves in some way :smiley:

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Mmh, It should be implemented at some point, just not RIGHT NOW!

Here is an extension, @ben @james how about two man emotes? it is something i have only ever seen in portal 2, in case you havent seen it, it is like this

my first thought was for something simple like a fist bump or a highfive, but you could actually make some pretty awesome emotes for two people which wouldnt make any sense when being alone. thoughts?

PS: a problem i could see is ‘‘emote trolling’’ so to say where people emote you so much you cant move, to avoid that i think it should be an option so someone goes to you and try to iniate an emote and you get ‘‘x wants to fistbump you’’ it could be two things, 1) nothing happens, 2) the person actually tries to do the emote but ‘‘fails’’ which is kinda like a 2nd emote.

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To Sit and Sleep is good too…i want to sit when i’m bored…not stay all time alert as the character stand…

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Like This?

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Yeah i think that would be a relatively simple dance emote.

If you’re into emotes, stay tuned…


Was beginning to feel you guys had been a bit quiet the last few days… can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up this week!

You. Have. No. Idea.

Does * impatient grin *


Ok, now that’s just being a tease…

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I want an emote that has you hold up your weapon heroically, so as to say “we can do it!” or, “we’re awesome!”

also, will emotes allow for pulling things out of a hammerspace so you can do things like pull out a pair of sunglasses and look cool?

eh, probably not. oortians don’t have sunglasses.

Seriously we need dance moves:

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