[Ended] Selling White rocks from Yibirios V for 3c

As there is so much interest in those white beauties I put up some stands at 3c.
They are in the ground floor of my paint shop “Goo gel” at PS Dzassak.

So if you are also interested in them: come by and grab some.
Will refill them regularly when I am online.

Also feel free to post here if you want some baskets filled :slight_smile:

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Nova Golda Market, Trung, Coin Converters, plot 1, 9 baskets awaiting white rocks! Paying 3c!

Yes I will torture them shortly. Let’s see if they can hold up until I go to bed :wink:

I am about to go to bed tho… Ehmm, could quickly add a few more baskets…

Yep, I will…

Added 16 more baskets, 25 total! 25 x 43200c up for grabs! That’s a bit over 1m coin!


Shot down nearly 8 baskets. Time to continue on this later. Exo is still up for a while

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I won’t be able to play enough to go grab some but if you’d like to save me maybe 7-10 ss, I’d be happy to pay a little extra for them when I can get on again. Maybe this weekend? I’m after the white twisted wood too if you’re farming it as well : )

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I will save some rock and wood for you. They will be in my personal reserves until you contact me :slight_smile:


Thanks so much : )

There are 5 stands with rock available in case anyone still needs some.
Will remove them some hours after exo vanishes or when empty.

Edit: all gone now, thanks

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the future is still buying white rock at 3c restocked and 1 million up for grabs
so if u know anyone that has and sell plz send them to xa frant xD