[Endost] --[Lush Tier 4 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]


∟Accessible via DELTA CANCRET at 21 blinksecs :: (Warp Cost : 1700c).
∟Last until July 22, 2019 2:30 AM
∟Server : US East

Blocks Color

Blocks color have been pulled out from data, some blocks may not exist on the planet.

Gleam - 53 Silk Mint

Igneous - 38 Dark Green
Metamorphic - 47 Dark Turquoise
Sedimentary - 35 Hot Moss

Ancient - 33 Silk Yellow
Lustrous - 51 Oxide Yellow
Twisted - 99 Light Sepia

Exotic - 76 Warm Cherry
Lush Foliage - 81 Warm Orange
Waxy - 73 Warm Magenta

Clay - 13 Dark Red
Peaty - 42 Dark Mustard
Silty - 26 Silk Cherry

Barbed - 25 Hot Cherry
Gnarled - 30 Hot Sepia
Verdant - 70 Silk Magenta

Ash - 30 Hot Sepia
Gravel - 53 Silk Mint
Glacier - 87 Warm Viridian
Growth - 167 Vivid Fuchsia
Ice - 203 Light Turquoise
Mould - 42 Dark Mustard
Mud - 13 Dark Red
Sand - 32 Hot Tan
Sponge - 113 Stale Turquoise
Tangle - 254 Hot Orange
Thorn - 10 Strong Magenta

Cloneflower - 55 Deep Turquoise
Gladeflower - 92 Warm Moss
Ghostflower - 79 Warm Red
Spineflower - 55 Deep Turquoise

Desert Sword - 236 Strong Blue
Oortian’s Staff - 9 Strong Violet
Rosetta Nox - 31 Deep Mustard
Spineback Plant - 240 Strong Slate
Stardrop Plant - 132 Light Lilac
Traveller’s Perch - 24 Deep Red
Trumpet Root - 69 Hot Magenta
Twisted Aloba - 71 Deep Fuchsia

Branch Funnel - 39 Dark Yellow
Clustered Tongue - 254 Hot Orange
Glow Cap - 95 Mustard
Molted Tar Spot - 32 Hot Tan
Tinted-Burst - 76 Warm Cherry
Weeping Waxcap - 32 Hot Tan

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Brought to you by @majorvex



Spent a bit of time on this one just wandering around and gathering farming supplies.


Got into a really epic waterfall cavern here… :sunglasses:

Edit to add: I took a little clip of the scale of the waterfall cavern there, if any are interested… this was just such a neat place I thought - https://twitter.com/NMS_Screenshots/status/1152358694857969664


Was mainly after exotic earthyam bulbs here. No idea how rare they are since this is my first time going after them, but ended up with 66 after an hour or so.



Endost, a lush world with mysterious wonders.
A mountain that seemingly touches the starry night sky, and a massive hole in the ground caused by a green glowing Oortorite.

Who knows what else lays amongst this land of amazing landmarks? Could there be something in the flowing rivers, or caves?



Beautiful pictures :star_struck:


Got work, family, work then I’ll get to explore tomorrow… Can’t wait… Both these new worlds look beautiful, thanks everyone for posting these great pics!

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Just don’t expect to find any of the exotic yams, the knuts and other seeds or plants to gather.

I was on there earlier and had the seeds I had gathered on another planet, put it into a atlas and not a one showed up. I did seem some knuts, but they were gone as I was heading to get them. If you need exotic yams, there are in some area lots and lots of spine cactus that you can get them from. And the staff for sweet beans. The trees have a nice amount of the berry seeds, make sure to look behind branches, they can be hiding behind one and look as if there are none there but they will be.

Lots of holes to fall into also, so be careful. Had to stop and spend the night time just waiting for daylight, couldn’t see more than four blocks ahead of me and twice almost died from falls. So, just waited for daylight.

I found sooooooooo many seeds there yesterday! Granted, when I saw it spawned and it was a T4 Lush I went out on exo yam bulb hunt right away and also picked up any other seed I could find (oh, and primordial resin)…

I had around 40 before this, but managed to slowly gain one more each harvest which is rather nice.
Now I have a bit more and not sure yet if I’m gonna plant them for seed and crop or a bit of both…

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