Enforcing rules, laws on planets

My son and I were discussing the forced merging on Tana VII. And that had me wondering about settlements rules and laws.

If you join a settlement there are generally rules. But, how can they be enforced? Can a member of a settlement be forced out if they refuse to follow them?
Can a warden just up and change rules that you might not agree with and make life miserable for you?
If there is a forced merge and the new warden places rules you don’t like can he/she force you to move out?

It can be a pain in the rear to pack up move, especially if you have a lot of stuff. Some have a lot that can take a few days to move it all to a new location, some just a bit and no problem. Still, being made to comply with rules you don’t like or agree with can for some be frustrating.

There are some changes incoming when they add guilds to the game.
Currently the only way to enforce rules in a settlement is for a warden to own everything and add permissions to other players.
And make border of empty plots around the settlement.

they cant, settlement rules are only some kind of roleplay and not really something that is enforcable.

since the rules are just an offer, you can do whatever you want.

nobody can force you to unclaim your land

i suggest:
if you move somewhere in, check if there are local rules.
if you ok with them follow those and enjoy community
if not: dont settle down there.

if the rules are anyhow changed afterwards, ignore them if they are not ok for you.
i as warden would never implement new rules without talking this with the townies.
at all “warden” is just a word, rules should be defined by the ppl that live on a place, not just by 1 person.


Thank you for the info. New to MMOs so have no idea how they work. Played Sims 3 as my first sandbox game, and that isn’t MP, then as SP on 7 days with zombies off and mostly in creative mode as I really enjoy building and crafting, and for breaks exploring and looting. BL fits what I like to do although I miss the looting :slight_smile: Wish there were ruins we could find and loot. That would be a nice addition.

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oh yes that would be nice, well lets see what is comming to =)

I have a ruins you could explore. I might even let you loot it a bit :slight_smile:

Its been mentioned before but no one can force anything on you. But this game makes some people show their worst colors. Its too bad some people think social rules on the internett are different from the ones in real life.

Im a guy who moved into a duying town
(was a german community i didnt even realize this and feel bad about intruding)
But people left and i ended up as warden.
The name of the town was Zwergenschubser and i used 3 weeks asking here on the forum and my ingame neigbours (the active ones i could find) their opinion before changing the name. :smile:


That is how you build community in a game.

ye i knew Zwergenschubser on AntarIV =)
even when i like Antaria more as name

I safed on chosing Antaria it was the capitol of Antar VI at the time and probobly will be again in the future if not ill change it lol.

It stood between Antaria or Antarvia (renaming with and active yet really small community is really akward imo, i dont want to drive anyone away)
I enjoy this game becouse of people and i really just want more people in town so i shower my neighbours with stuff, coils, pies, materials and most importently any building blocks. Becouse im really greatfull for them being there and bulilding their best and just making the town better and better, im not a great builder so i really appreciate it, so i want them to have as fun as possible. Im really afraid of people leaving lol :joy:

Some of my neighbours (2 returning guys that were there before me) refuse any help! Makes me frustrated😩 i mean ffs let me guilt you into playing forever and never leave💁🏼‍♂️

I were alone for such a long time!
ive lost so many. :broken_heart:

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I found this funny.


Haha :sob::joy:
I know, i felt really dumb.

i also left antar because of being alone, gellis prime is the best place to be! :smiley:

In early accès we had temples that spawned in wild haven’t seen them since release though