Enhancements to the current beacon system

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After trying out the beacon system implemented in the last update I’ve been thinking about how to make it more efficient feature.

For starters the beacons should be freely positioned as long as the beaconblock is contained inside the beacons borders. So I had this idea when your accessing the beaconblock UI, besides the token inventories, there would be button to position the beacon. (Positioning and repositioning of the beacon probably should be allowed for just the owner of the beaconblock)
As for the positioning I thought there should be two viewing angles, top down for vertical adjusting and side view for vertical adjusting. For moving the beacon you’d use W, A, S and D keys and for precise adjusting you’d hold down Shift key to move the beacon one block at a time to the desired direction.

For expansion of the beacon I had an idea that you could either have the original beacon expanded into every direction or have a freely positionable expansion cell as long as it’s connected to the original beacon.
The expansion of the original beacon probably should be limited, otherwise that could cause the beacons to be expanded more than intended.
As for the freely positionable cells, they could be limitless or have higher limit count than the original beacons’ expansion. Also the expansion cells could be expanded, but just one or two times maximum and it would apply to all expansion cells while every placed expansion cell would cost two or three plots instead of one.

For example of the expansions here’s some (directive) numbers:

[quote]First, I’ll use a cell as measure for the beacon and it’s expansions size, where one cell is 555 blocks in size.

So if we have a base beacon of size 666 cells, I was thinking that you could have 4-7 slots for expanding the base beacons’ size and every expansion increasing all the dimensions by 2, so you could have it from 666 cells to 141414 cells or up to 202020 cells.

For the freely positionable expansion, it would be 666 cells in size and it could be expanded 1 or 2 times(while making then use 2 or 3 plots instead of 1) by 1 or 2 cells in all the directions, so they could be expanded from 666 cells to 777 or 888 and possibly to 888 or 101010.[/quote]

Although my examples are cubes I think, for at least the base beacon, there should probably be few different shapes that you can choose from to use.

I’d like to know what others thoughts are about these ideas for improving the beacon system, constructive criticism is welcome.

Last but not least, hope this gives something for the mind to feed on.


well this is a very smart idea I like it

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