Enraging titans

Alright this is an idea somebody quickly mentioned a while ago and i think its awesome, so here is the idea.

Since it seems that nobody want any real consequences, i think this will be a good solution. when you engage it wakes up/starts the fight or whatever, but the longer you fight it and the more ‘‘enraged’’ it becomes. as an incentitive to hurry up the fight, lets assume the fight should take 5 - 10 minutes depending on how long they decide it should take, as the time goes on it will enrage and get stronger to become somewhat of a challenge at the 10 minute mark, but at the 20 minute mark it has enraged so much it deals twice or thrice the damage and moves faster, or something like that, generally just a massive buff.

this way you will have to hurry up if you dont want to fight to get too insane, it would still be possible to solo the titan as some wants it would just be much harder. but on the other site it will also be great for those who want a challenge. some people might enrage the titan and then just kite it for 10 minutes until it is a challenge or 20 mins until it is really enraged and take the fight from there.

1 possible solution for slowing it could be a sort of red glow or red smoke coming up from it that gets stronger the more enraged it becomes… or if the titans have some sort of visible gems they could change color too, i dont know, i just like this idea, alot.


This is a great idea and it should really help on restricting the ability to solo the titan. :slight_smile:

Which if i remember correctly was something people was against.

they wanted to be able to solo it, they didnt care if it was near impossible. as long as they could. so we just kick it up a notch and make it even closer to impossible, but still not, so we win on a technicallity xD


its just something i liked from FFIV, you had 40 mins to complete a dungeon, which was usually more than enough time, but if you wiped multiple times it was still possible to lose, so its not punishing for the average player, but it punishes really bad players.

Maybe the more enraged it is the higher the chance of dropping better items.

That would lead to a more risk vs reward factor, which would punish players who are quick to finish it rather than punishing the players who are too slow to finish it.

I think that a risk vs reward is fine for bosses, do you want to go all out from the beginning and kill it quickly, or play with your food so you get more delicious noms?

do you want to punish good players?

Good players would be able to draw out the fight for far longer than ones not as good as them, and get even better items

assuming that HP doesnt increase. then what is to stop players from getting it down to 1% hp and then just kiting the titan? that would just force players to drag out the battle as long as possible to get the best rewards :smile:

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I agree with Zouls here. if anything, you should reward players for killing titans faster.