Envy corp sale


With less time on my hands I’m having a Fire Sale.
Random bits and bobs but priced to sell.
I have way too many things that I do not ever use and so it might as well go to good use for those of you who are actively playing.

How to get there:-
Located outside Kree Hub on Gloviathosa, exit via the hunt meet side.
Portal to Kree Hub from TNT and many other places
Or from TNT Mall Wall to Kree mall and then a portal to Kree Hub.

Happy Shopping.


I have restocked, the images below are just some of the things on offer for today.
Many of the things are colour collections so for all you collectors out there you might find something you have been searching for.


Greetings, Restocked this morning again for all you colour collectors out there what was left of my gleam and refined gleam collection.

All at the low low price of 1C!

93k Raw Gleam
38k Refined Gleam

thanks for the bargains…have picked up a few bits and bobs :+1:

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@catfud Thanks…I just added more aswell.

Concrete and Patterned

Tonnes of refined rock

More bricks

and more colour collections!!!
@Phyre-Fly you might want to jump on this its right up your street…

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I was there yesterday gathering some stuff from there. May make another trip after while. Thank you

Argh I keep losing connection there. This happened to me yesterday while I was there also. I’m trying lol got little bit.of stuff here n there

did wonder what was going on :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I saw u glitch out and then straight up disappear.

@catfud @Envyv77 lots of giggles right now. Yeah every few seconds everything would go straight to unplayable, freeze up and my character would bounce around.

So I would go to sanctum, When at the last second countdown, it would pause for a bit, then go straight to the screen that says connection lost. And I kept trying over and over hoping it would straighten up.

Was able to grab several things while during this process though. So win win on both sides lol. I had to snatch n grab without getting to browse my selection. So I have who knows what in colors teeheehee.


Wiped ya out on creative conduits and gold beams/poles…got a build working using all the bling :1st_place_medal::grin:


I may or may not have bought a bunch of gleam and concrete.

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I bought several shop stands worth of stuff, maybe more than several

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Added whats left of my colour collection for gravel and sand and some more rando goodies.


Gravel, sand and there final forms. Have been removed from the premises. :smiley:

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Dang it. I just went there and everything has turned to ash. :persevere:

What!!! Is the Ash for sale? OMG Im so kidding… I wish there were more sales like this I’d be buying stuff all day.


Haha this cracked me up. Lmao


The sales will continue soon just needed to move first.


The Sale is officially back on. Now relocated to Imoco.
Shop is accessible via TNT Imoco hub and is just across the river from GTG Imoco hub.

Come grab some bargains!!

Restocking daily