Equipment Slot


Thought of an idea that I think would be nice to have in game with equipment slots. It would be nice to have either a skill, option or ability to be able to “lock” an equipment slot so you wouldn’t try placing the item equipped in that slot. This would be nice for holding torches or other light sources. I’ve accidently placed a torch down so many time while out mining or hunting.


I use the mining light skill so it isn’t as useful for me but I still like it!

I don’t know if we’re going to have equipment slots like in traditional MMOs where we equip armor, helmets, gloves, etc. but if we get a helmet slot, I could see mining helmets being a thing. :smiley:


I think this would be nice as a better area to store gear than general inventory. It also goes along with my idea to have special slot for warp conduits so people might use them more.


I was thinking with the existing slots we have but gear slots would be awesome too.

My thought was say my top center spot in my left hand is my torch I can open up inventory and maybe right click on that location and it locks it so you can place items out of it.