Error 5 game server URL not found

Is the error message Error 5 game server URL a bad thing ?
Could this error explain why I can’t join anny worlds ?

(sorry for the continuous questions)

Doesn’t sound good.

In the past users have experienced connection issues due to virus protection and firewalls restricting access. Try tweaking your settings.

I’ve given oortonline full firewall freedom and allowed the intire game folder in my anti virus and it still gives the same error ):

So is the game crashing (as per this thread) or reporting an error (and failing to connect)?

It is still crashing … I’m trying everything to make it work and didnt know if i should make a second thread or not

It’s hard to help diagnose the issue when it’s not exactly clear what is happening.

Can you describe the exact steps and stages leading up to the failure? Can you share some screenshots.

I start the game

conect to the server

After i clicked a world it crashes

Where is the Error 5?

sorry missed a pic