ETHICS Question


This made me laugh so much. Cause there is no Competitiveness. Being the mayor of a city has no meaning other than you pick the name of the city. Whats more, you can’t opt out of it, which is the issue.

“but u dont have to participate in this competition u know that?”

You can’t opt out. You can’t cancle, you can’t decline, you can’t refuse. No matter how big, or small your build is. If someone has much more gleam than you, he can take over your town/city by force, without your concent, without fear of punishment, without care that he ruined your hard work, and made the weeks you spent building up a town now completely worthless.

That isn’t very friendly, cooperative, or helpful. Which this community is trying to enforce onto people. That makes you an attacker, a griefer, a toxic player.


Jesus Christ, some people are really so attached to some made up names, of computer game cities. 1st world, and it’s problems :joy:


It has nothing to do with names. You even quoted the issue and commented on a different thing not even relavent.

The issue is you put all this time, energy, and effort into something. And then someone comes along and makes all that time, energy, and effort meaningless. No matter the situation, or context, that will ALWAYS make people mad.


So tell me, what does exactly makes your town completely worthless? How do you define worth? The only thing that changes when your city gets connected to other is name. Or am I not aware of some game mechanics? How does one make your time, energy and effort meaningless? The only thing I can think that changes, I’m repeating myself, is name. Or is it something else? And if it’s indeed name, how does it make my post not relevant to issue at hand?


Because someone else takes credit, and depending on how they merge the towns, can be seen as preventing the town from expanding.

It could be a group that doesn’t want to merge, or associate with another nearby town or player.

And when Taxes actually get fixed, it means the creators of those towns no longer get access to the Tax money from Shopstands and Request Baskets of the people living there to support the town.

In fact, if you pretend that Tax system was working as intended and not disabled, where the mayor got all the tax money, then people forcing merges to take over a town and become the mayor to steal all that tax money would probably very quickly fall under Griefing, and exploiting the game system.


The name is a way of saying we did this,. . we created (insert name here) it is the only way in the game to create an identity for all the effort you might put into building. Weeks of grinding and building and all you get is to name it.

By letting someone come in and absorb it, now it has no unique identity but is now part of Bob’s City. This means there is nothing in game to identify the effort and time we spent. It was taken away without any permission or option to not allow it.

As far as calling it a first world problem yes it is in a first world game.


To best of my knowledge, tax was removed deliberately, and the leftovers in UI are just bugs, leftovers from time long gone, that should be removed. Why was it removed… maybe to avoid the reasons you wrote.

It’s the same as saying that the current mayor of my city (RL city) made all the things that make me want to live in it, disregarding all the city history. It’s like saying Hendirix wrote “All Along the Watchtower” just because he played it (and god he played it gooood). Anyone sane, that’s not just plain stupid, understands that a city (in-game one, and IRL) is sum of it’s parts. I’m not dumb enough to think that a nice building/statue/whatever I see was made by current mayor of an in-game city, but at most the owner of the plots it’s standing on (and this also may be not true). So please do me a courtesy and don’t tell me the game is full of idiots.

Well… I’m pretty sure you also get other people to see it, and I doubt they will think that it was created by current settlement owner, but reading this topic I think I give players too much credit…

I understand this is some sort of problems, but some players really do blow it out of proportions, really, really make it much bigger problem than it in my opinion is.

If really all, or at least the main thing, you (players, not anyone particular, but feel free to take it personally) want from this game is that a couple of pixels get to bear a name you choose… then I pity you. It’s really sad.

I really, really may be missing the problem totally, because even as hard as I try I can’t understand it. If my main motivation was to recognize the effort by myself, no city name changing will change that recognition. And if wanted my effort to be recognized by strangers… we’ll strangers don’t give a rat’s ass about me and my effort, and If they do, they wont care about the name, they won’t identify effort with the person who named city, but rather plot owner… but as I wrote, I may give too much credit to the players.

Anyway, when it comes to ethics there is nothing you can force on players, if it’s not enforced by mechanics or CoC. And you shouldn’t. Your freedom ends when another player freedom starts (bounded by game mechanics and CoC). Don’t try to enforce your way of playing, because it won’t work. I have the same right to enforce my way of playing as you do :wink:


its not ur settlement alone anymore, get over it >.<


correct your opinion but obviously very important to a lot of people or it would not be creating the fuss it does in the forum.

And now resort to this. . its a shame. .


No I think I will continue to make the point like a lot of other people do.


Absolute lul at the gleam tower. Sucks it has to be like that.

But ya, screw prestige, I claim anything I might even want to maybe think about considering. I don’t give the leeches a chance to screw me - now… After being screwed and moving to the sticks…


The game is about freedom. That if YOU wanted to build YOUR town, YOUR city, YOUR Capital, YOU would be able to do that.

But in the actual game, YOUR city can be taken away, and no longer YOURS.

In a game, about cooperation, helping, and being friends, possitive, and supportive, YOU are allowed to get screwed over by the game systems, and a LOT of the people will throw your complains under the bus and say 'Suck it up, you didn’t have anything to begin with. Its not your settlement alone anymore, get over it".

Such Hypocracy, and people claim I am a bad influence on the community lol.


can someone close this thread? i believe it just turns again into a <Edited by Steggs - Don’t name other players this way> “i got stolen my settlement name :<”-rant


It’s also a game where YOU have the FREEDOM of plotting wherever you wan’t and build there whatever you want, make it as prestigious as YOU want and name it whatever YOU want if you have the highest prestige, and YOU have FREEDOM to not care what YOUR neighbours think about it.

YOU are discriminating other players just because they want to play the game their way, that does not align with what you think how the game should be played.


I agree with this part your plots are your plots, build what you want on your plots as long as it fits the CoC. The game and CoC allow someone to build a gleam tower next to your natural build. Just the way it is. There are only so many planets and it is going to happen that most people will have neighbors. I personally feel the merging of settlements is separate from this.


Ha, trapped yourself I see.

YOU do NOT have the FREEDOM to plot where ever you want. Actually. Did you forget about the CoC? You aren’t meant to be plotting, or building, in such a way to prevent people from expanding.

It could be argued that if you Merge two towns, you are preventing each of them from expanding in the direction you merged them from.

There is also no Griefing, which is highly subjective, and forcefully Merging two towns, without concent, can be easily seen as Griefing.

Mechanics alone doesn’t matter. It also has to follow the rules of the CoC too.


its never only ur city. A city is collection of people onto a place. And the cities name decides who has highest prestige. Clear rules. NOT ur city alone.

U cant just declare everything u dont like as griefing


Let me correct you there.

You forgot about the word around. I have every right to plot beside your plots, if am not encircling you.


I wish certain people would stop complaining so much about things in the game and just work towards whatever arbitrary goal they have in the game.

It’s amazing what you can get accomplished if you just set your mind to the task.

But what do I know??? I am just a hypocrite apparently. :man_shrugging:


nothing else is easier than moving in this game. Just make a portal, connect ur new plot with ur old, have access to ur stuff but decide the name of ur new settlement whereever it will be