Evénement Gleambow (fin)

Rendez vous sur la plateforme de lancement d’augmentation de gb à Circarpous.

Je lancerai 9 augmentations de gb pour tout le monde. Premier arriver, premier servi.

Chaque lancement sera entre coupé d’une donation de gb gleam (8 couleurs différentes pour un total de 80 gleams)

Bonne chance à tous.


Please use English or write to international


Meet in 15 minutes on the gb augment launch platform at Circarpous.

I will run 9 GB augments for everyone. First come, first served.

Each launch will be cut by a donation from gb gleam (8 different colors for a total of 80 gleams)

Good luck to everyone

:google translate…


You rock!!!

did you not see the accent circonflex on the e in évenement
why does it bother you this french lol
also good luck with asking french people to translate themself to english hahaha
thats like teaching you swedish


And let’s also assume, they don’t speak English, how are they supposed to understand a “speak english” complaint in English, at least have the decency to say it in French so they understand. :wink:

And yes, google translate 4tw! or deepl works well too.


Do you want me to force-feed you frog-legs while attaching you to a chair covered with snails?


Jag kan tala svenska också moeb :slight_smile:

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I think you meant curtesy, the message was decent enough :slight_smile:

I could also say i dont speak english and start posting in Finnish… good luck google translating that.

Apparently, Dupix is writting exclusively in French as a form of protest.

I get you, though. Always irks me when I have to google-translate what people write in a place where pretty much everybody instinctively agrees to write only in english.

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You know what I do when I see someone has written something in a language I don’t understand? Move to something else that I can. Crazy right?


typical french interaction =saying in perfect french whats this on menu french waitress replys in english cause you obviously non french french speaking its chicken sir comes back serves you a quail

Can’t say I’ve had a similar experience, I haven’t been in an actual restaurant in a loooong while.
Domino’s Pizza, though… I’m such a good client, my friends trolled me by making a “Goblino’s Pizza” restaurant in Creativerse for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


where is the french sub-forum in the international category @Buugi ?

Guess we’re not enough French players to warrant such a category? :man_shrugging:
We could share it with Canadian French players, though… I mean, I wouldn’t mind, tabernacle! Je veux minoucher le pitou !

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I think there are more than you think players who speak french

Tu ferais un bon bougon :wink:


Le apoyo en su protesta.

Is it a protest to getting meaningful replies or being understood :thinking:

Jokes aside, what’s the protest for. (Prays for no drama)

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Ei oo mitään pakkoa vastata viesteihin, joissa on vierasta kieltä. Suosittelen vaa mutee koko topicin heti niin ei näy feedissä :smiley: