Event is over. BloodRaven's Mystery Box Event

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BloodRaven’s Mystery Box Event

Hello Boundless players I am having a Mystery Block Event where 100 people will be able to take part in.

The event will be where you will go in to the room with a 10x10 grid you will have one turn to pick a block and break it with a regular totem and will get the prize you uncover.

Event Date and Time.

March 14th Sunday

Event will start at

10am PST.

1pm EST.

6pm UTC.

hopefully i got the times all right for everyone.

The event will last 2 hours unless people are still there waiting to have a turn

The rules are

  1. You must grab a number when you arrive to be allowed entry it is first come first serve only 100 available.

  2. Must use a un-forged regular totem to break the block. Only one block per person.

  3. One person at a time may go in after i call the number.

  4. Break wood blocks only i will be adding glass blocks in the place of broken blocks to make the surface flat.

I hope you will all have fun with this event i plan on doing more in the future and increase the size of it maybe.

Directions to the event.

It will be on Tana VII. In Stars Hollow United

We have portals in PS Bittula Shopping hub in multiple locations one downstairs and two upstairs behind the big sign one to our main hub and one to my shop the sanguine raven.

We have one in the tnt hub and i have one to my shop in Beckon.

I will add photos to help with directions hope they help

Once in Stars Hollow United on the island to get to the event it is on the south side of the island near the tower with corruption in it should be very noticeable

Also the location is 396N 680E Tana VII. if anyone is having a hard time finding it.

I will also link a video about the event and give directions to event


Dude, the year 20121 is soooo far away, i doubt ima be alive for it.


I fixed the thumbnail lol yea that was a typo

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March 7th 2021

Can’t wait to get one of those good prices :smile:.

only one week away from the Mystery Box Event. I hope i see you on Sunday the 7th for my event

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Sorry everyone i have to delay the Mystery Box Event by one week i got called into work and i will not be home in time for the original time. So i am moving the date to Sunday the 14th. I hope to see you next week. Again i am sorry

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Ravens event starts in 10 minutes

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I want to thank all who showed up for the event I had fun I hope you had fun as well. In a few months I will be doing another one


Thank you very much for the event, my wife, my friend and I have had a great time with you


I saw a crowd, followed them, had no idea what’s going on,… long story short, I got a new shovel and a shop at the local mall :slight_smile:
good event 10/10


I’m glad you all had a good time hope to see you at the next one

The grand prize did not get found so it will be in the next event