Event worlds

Hey, I think that it would be cool to have special event worlds after 1.0.
Just worlds that are apart from regular worlds that dev’s can set up fun events on LIKE A HUGE PARTY!!.
I dont really have any ideas for events. But really, events make MMO’s a thousand times funnier.


I would really like weekly and monthly worlds that are for high-level players that are extremely harsh and contain valuable materials. Having event worlds as parties would be cool, too.

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I’d like to have some sort of butterfly release event. Or a firefly festival.

(The treeleaves look like butterflies - they could voxel into the sky)

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Or a throw all your stuff event!

Thats really hard to do, its hard to make good worlds already but making one each week for justone week would be too much, but Monthly world could be possible I guess, its just that it really is a lot of work ^^

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:slight_smile: Like, TODAY I THROW MY SOCKS AS FAST AS I CAN event.

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I’d be happy to have the job as a world maker. :stuck_out_tongue: @developers

if that would be an Job I would like to have that too. But you know the wont hire us probably :smiley:

The sad truth :frowning:

I remember a discussion about temporal worlds in the old forums. The Idea was that there will be worlds which are available for a short time (weeks or some month) and then vanish again. At the point back there they were ment for explorers or gatherers to get there quick, claim the best spots and then get the rare mats which may be something special (for new skins or something like this). … I think the idea can be advanced with worlds for special holidays or seasons :wink:


You don’t have to have a new world every week, but worlds that last a week.

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ah okay, got it.

Nah if the world build just get some improvements you should be able to make a new world in maybe an hour, especially if you get some training.

As thorbjorn said, it was discussed and its not all that hard.

i would gladly encourage it for 3 reasons

  1. it gives a chance for explorers to explore a new and beautiful world, and feel like they are part of history knowing that it will never ( or take a long time) to come again.

  2. it allows crafters to find rare materials that might have been looted a long time ago on the homeworld so it is hidden deep within mountains and hard to find, while on the new worlds it might still be on the outside

  3. it encourages playercreated worlds, which is the biggest point, there could be a way to submit a playercreated world and people could vote on how much they like it, if it has the most votes then it would be the next. that way there would almost always be worlds to explore

also they talked about daily worlds which would be even better to also have in, new beautiful worlds to explore each day if you have the name of the creator on the world. then i will bet you that some people will just use most of their times making worlds, and we might even get people to be famous just for their worlds.

its a win system no matter how you look at it.

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I was talking about the Innovation, its hard to do New awesome worlds over and over and over. One time they just gonna look all the same because you have no Ideas anymore. Thats the reason why you cant make one every week. Not because it takes a week. Youre right it takes about some hours, but yeah, the Ideas…

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Well the same could be said about minecraft, except in MC there is even less diversity in color and things on worlds, always using the same things to create a world.

10 different grassland worlds would still not be the same, even if they had same colors they would still feel different to most people, because of the way the land bends, the caves, whatever is there those worlds would never be the same.

Even assuming that we will only have 10 000 people who can in average make 25 great worlds each over a lifetime, we would have 250 000 worlds if we take 100 as permanent worlds and the rest as weekly worlds (only using 1 each week) we could sustain the idea for 249 900 weeks or 4220 years

So that would not be one of the problems, i know for a fact that some people love playing around in the world builder and i would also get into it if it meant one of my worlds could be explored by other people :slight_smile: