Ever wonder what the outer sanctuary looks like?

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Well I did.

Huh, looks like the devs left a little building structure here

I wonder whats at the edge?

Oh. Well whats down there?

Not much.
Well then, whats down there?

… Oh. Its solid

Well I guess I’ll run into the V O I D

You get stuck after a while…
Well, feel free to jump out while you can before the devs block it off, Just wish I coulda put a sign that said “Len was Here”. Honestly surprised there was no sign that said “How did you get here?”


New sanctum is coming :stuck_out_tongue: so this one wont get fixed, especially as this had been done before a while ago :joy:
so feel free to glitch at your leisure!


giving me nightmares i remember falling true floor before some updates all the time
wonna never see it again i even told the devs to put a stair back up instead off relauncing my game :smile: