Everybody, lets think up player events

Back in the day @Thorbjorn42gbf and i discussed making a guild which created events for new and older players alike, this would of course come later in the game, but lets think up both small and great events that we can host to draw attention to oort, and let new players feel special. if we are lucky we might be able to convince the devs to give us a hand when the time comes @ben @james please keep a look on this forum to see if there are some cases where you are willing to bend the rules a bit to make a good event, like allowing certain players to fly, get certain stuff or what not :smile:

Right so a few to start off.

Treasure Hunt

this is just somthing i imagined playing around with, in case that world regen wont mess with it ofc, but just to hide chests in the world with good items, and then make a map or a note to explain roughly where it is, allowing people to look for it.

Death Maze

A sort of collaboration where we would get the best builders to create an intense maze / dungeons with a ton of traps, we could have players stand guard at the front and the people who get throught might get a reward

Castle Fight

with all the talk of siege warfare i still think its a good idea, however i think it should be player made, the idea would require that we can plant and carry flags (which i hope we can) and we might make 2 teams that make a castle each on a pvp server that the other players has to siege one way or another, this could go into grand scale.

Cavalry Battle

Almost the same as before, just more direct, gathering up players to create a huge once in a lifetime battle against 2 sides, hopefully getting recorded, would make a nice memory

Arena Tournaments

This is also something i think would be great to look into, having a known arena somewhere and make a tournament every once in a while, winner gets a prize. again something that could be done pretty simply.


This is where the players come in, it might be a bit harder to do but still pretty nice, imagining gathering small groups of newer players and have 1 person act as a ‘‘guide’’ to the group. taking them through a predetermined route, which have been planted with various things such as traps and player ambushes, at the end there might be a ‘‘boss fight’’ with a higher level player that has to take on the 5.

imagine dungeons and dragons in oort.

These are all i have for now, some are going to be hard to make though, but again, i think we could pull it off. by all means, please post your suggestions for events which could be done :smile:


The ideas for the Treasure Hunt, the Castle Fight (+Grand Battle :wink: ) and the Arena Tournaments really got me ^^ … I also planned to build a beaconed arena with set PvP and a chest where we all put something into and the winner gets it (or, if you manage this with a guild, take a part out of the Guildbank + some nice stuff from the vault :wink: ).

I’m in :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s about Parcour or some kind of Race?

Or a diving contest where you place some stuff at the bottom of a sea and who gets the most wins :wink:

would be possible. for parkour we would actually need it, but for making an obstacle race which is kinda combined with the parkour would be a great idea. also a race if we get mounts would be neat.

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What about races? Where a town has built a racing track or use the road as a course? Maybe have something on the sides on the road when races start that if a player exits while participating they will be disqualified?

Or fishing tournaments to catch as many fish they can in the time limit? Like you can only fish up (certain type of fish)? lol


fishing event would also be great. im curious on how much they will put into it, they said they have a person who is a dedicated fisherman, so i imagine quite a bit xD

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Well, the devs mentioned in one of the votes “Vehicles” next to “Mounts” …If that really gets reality then -> Formula Oort, we are coming! ;D

I love my seafood, but don’t like the water. lol

(cat race person you can probably tell.) lol

Yeah there might also be some racial events that only some races can do, like if 1 race gets the ability to climb then making a rock wall xD

That could be a lizard or dragon race? lol

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The most amazing community thing I´ve ever seen is Red vs Blue in EvE Online.
I´ve you have the time read the wiki article I posted, if not: Its basically two groups/guilds of players that constantly fight each other (observing some rules) everywhere on every occasion.

That sounds over the top fun!!

Fishing contest