Everyone can Help Boundless

Everyone Here knows that i am @Turrican2006 doing vids Like @SWProzee1 or @PixelatedTwix too for Boundless and Posting them in YouTube.

Please watch all These vids in full lenght ( on your Phone besides If Not intrested into the content ) and leave a comment .

So the vids will be raise Up and be shown more often in Other searches too and Other Players maybe get intrested into IT .
WE Had recently a Lot of new Players and can get more into the Game :grinning::grinning::grinning:

And Don t misunderstand you Don t have to follow US If you Don t want , watching the vids will Help a Lot and leave a small comment :+1::+1::+1:

You can do the Same when WE are streaming on Twitch Just leave a comment Like hi or Something and keep the Stream running.

@all WHO makes vids or streams Boundless let me know i am planing Something.

Greetings Turrican2006


I love your enthusiasm, and 100% advocate for promoting YouTube and twitch channels, and love your content @Turrican2006

Keep in mind though, we don’t want too many new players :wink: If we fill all the planets with active players there’ll be no room for anyone else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I don’t think Boundless was really designed for lots and lots of people haha

Keep up the awesome videos though!!



The only YouTuber I know are

@Ovis (Thx 4 how did you chisseln that)

@Jiivita (Thx 4 your vids too, they helped me a lot)

@majorvex did make some vids too, I guess mostly about new exos, if I remember right


A few others in addition to the above I know who have great Boundless stuff on YouTube - :slight_smile:

@georgegroeg @PixelatedTwix @boundmore


Thx @Spoodle for the Kind words and compliment
And i think there is enough space left :grin::grin::grin: on permanent planets and If the space Runs Out there will be Spawn a twin Planet AS much AS i know so WE can get millions of Players in :wink::wink::wink:

Then WE Had Just Other Problems with the Hubs but that would be a Problem which can be solved :muscle::muscle::muscle:

Try to keep the content Up even If its at moment nearly Same every time but have several Other things in mind.

@Marcello666 and @bucfanpaka
Thx for the Other names :+1::+1::+1:

Keep all Boundless


It’s definitely been awhile since I’ve recorded a Boundless video…a little over a month to be exact. :thinking: I’ve been debating what I should be my next Boundless series. :grimacing:


Helping new players is what I do all the time.
If that helps them falling in love with Boundless than that is perfect for me.
We need more players, not a few that try the game and never return.