Evolution VS Devolution

I was wondering,is Oort going to be a more modern Oort technology like game,or barbaric,cave man like game?





Hmm. Makes me curious about item progression throughout the game. If the world’s advance in tiers, will the items we craft advance in tiers as well? I can’t wait to see what our wonderful devs show us what they have in mind.


Think it will, dont they in most games? stone, iron, steel, mithril, ruby, whatever.

Yes, our basic tools do. What about our grapple hook? Chisel? Beacons? Furnace? Etc. Will we always use a cobblestone furnace, or can we advance to high tech smelting furnaces or something?

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Yeah i hope we will get bigger and better crafting stations and hopefully more specific stations, for example having a station only to craft infused materials or such. Grappling hook i think we start with a basic and then get better and better.

Not sure about beacons though, maybe chisels? so basic can only shape certain soft blocks but the later ones can shape rocks and stuff

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Yes,but the devs. have said that the Oort where a race of science (evolution),but we’re not the Oort are we?.
We’re the races that come after the Oort,and from what I’ve seen we could be stuck in this era of evolution.

Well, our characters can use portals. So why shouldn’t they be able to use everything else the Oort made too?
And after that they might even surpass the Oort. (And probably vanish just like them^^)

I really doubt anything will ever devolve.

I dont think we wil go from good stuff to worse, however in a sense of the races being very primitive compared to the oort, it makes sense. personally dont think we should ever surpass the oort, in my eyes they are kinda like gods, but we will get damn close.

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yea, true that. Maybe they just ascended to somewhere and even if we can use all their stuff we would still be inferior.

Well,we could make and use portals, but think about the hundreds of other technology-based machines they had made, that we haven’t discovered because it’s been so long since they’ve been seen

Sometimes it’s really not that easy to decipher what you want to say^^ (Nothing against you personally)
I assume you mean: Although we can make portals doesn’t mean we will understand their other technology.

That might be the case but I don’t think that making portals is something that intuitive^^ So you’d need some understanding of technology which in turn gives you a greater chance in understanding other technology.

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My apologies, I’m using my new iPhone six, and I’m using the voice command thing. So sometimes it gets things I want to say wrong

Simple solution: Turn of autocorrect and use your fingers.

I was getting ready, so I couldn’t type at the moment.
But I edited my last post,so re-read it.

Thank you^^
My answer stays the same.

Ancient tech that surpasses modern tech in some ascpects is what i always assumed

I love the idea of Oortians to be somehow like the progenitor races in Babylon 5 which were inhabiting our galaxy but ascended to other places just leaving some traces here and there before we humans even became an civilisation.

But yes, to progress through the tiers through understanding the tech we find (or just learn how to use it) seems to be a good approach. But we should never get to the point where we get even better then them… At least not until later (very very later) additions to the game through expansions :wink: