I would love to see an excavation/archaeology concept added to Oort.

That way I’m not just digging tunnels or looking for caves with hidden treasures, but I could also find really old and powerful weapons in the ground, or come across the next Pompeii.



It would be really cool.

Underground temples/villages would be cool as hell :smiley:


I think something like that is planned.

Even if the weapons/tools/stuff we could find in some old ruins were not better
if they looked cool
and we could display them
that would be great too

yeah some underground landmarks would be cool. Also having rare things like buried treasure and stuff would be neat. That should just be added to world generation though- not a whole new system for it.

i kinda like the wow artifact system, it was a nice past time but you could actually get some really powerful stuff if you used enough time on it.

yeah They added a new fundable feature called monuments 1. This should definitely be included in it (if it’s funded ofc)

If you want something like this, maybe you could make temples that are buried underground, and you need to find a button on the temple in order to open the door to get in. and if you try to dig through the walls instead…
i don’t know. it blows up. or spawns a titan, or whatever.

um, to be clear, I meant that the button is buried, and the door is buried somewhere nearby. so if you find a door, you dig around to find the button, and vice versa.


“I got this sword from the ruins of golmaria in the land of Chelan!”

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