Excessive Lag from Regen Bombs

Hello friends!

I’d like to report a bug. Tonight we noticed a ton of lag on Refgar and there was only a few people on the planet. One was mining dirt and resources and using regen bombs, another was getting rid of a ton of water, a third was placing blocks [combustion] and a fourth was plotting something. So each doing something that COULD impact the game.

However, The person regening did a test, we asked him to throw a regen bomb and I was running around at the time on one of our city roads, it jerked me back. I was across the planet by over 2000 meters and it jerked me around… My husband who was placing combustion was affected who was a lot closer. and the water miner was also affected more than 6,000m away.

I have reason to believe regen bombs are causing unnecessary lag right now on planets, near or far. Can someone take a look at this?

Planets that are more than resource planets that have people building on them are greatly at risk.



i can confirm i had unnatural lag spikes while today during the testing, and i was simply walking around my base at the time.

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