Exo 1

Why can’t we get an exo with more petroleum than the resin?

I believe it depends upon the type of Exo that shows up. Sometimes there are a lot of petrolim pools, sometimes it’s resin…

Do you need some petrolim?

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Yes I do because I have a big project but not enough coins to buy it

If you stop by my base on cephonex merika you will understand

I probably don’t have a ton, but I can give you some to get you started :blush:

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Ty that will help.
When can we meet up?

Are you close to the PS hub on Merika?

I’m at the capital at the end of the farm its wildstock federation but I won’t be on until tomorrow around 1 tomorrow then I have to do things and won’t be back on until around 9 pm

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timezone? est? cst?

USA it’s 12:24 a.m. now

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I guess eastern???

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Yes, you’re EST then :+1: k, I’ll catch ya tomorrow

Any Exo’s out? Really needing petroleum.

I think I have some that I can sell or trade. Wont be on till later though.

How much you need?

I probably don’t have the money for that much for what I need would be willing to trade if I have it

I merged the two posts since they were duplicates.

I don’t know how to do that

What is a Lot of petrolim?

Perhaps an exo with some nice new colours? Could use one with Ashen Red right now (sand, gravel or rocks) :joy: