Exo Closeout!

I have decided to focus my exo shop a little more on bricks, marble and mosaic. This leaves me with a few things to get rid of.

Just under 10k Foliage and a little over 800 trunks.

Various boulders and rock formations, many.

Verdant, Barbed and Gnarled grass seeds.

And finally all of the environmental type stuff.

Make an offer for all of it…or just what you want. Message on forums for quicker reply. If you want to see the goods, portals can be found at TNT Mega Hub (Second tier of portals on the north side), DK Tree (bottom floor), PS Lamblis Shopping Hub, Rivertowns Hub, and Show Room EU. Look for Krylynn Exo Shop. Ignore marked prices and message me offers. Might also be willing to trade for glue or bonding agent :smiley:

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All foliage is now gone!!

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Ill come and take a look later today. And let you know if there is something that interests me :wink:

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All rock formations are now gone. Grass seeds, dirts, mud, tangle, etc are all that remains.

You have any sand by any chance?

Think there was not sure tough😉 (As in left)

I’m in Dk tree but dont see the sign :man_shrugging:t3:

All the way down but you can also go to TNT and sould be approximately straight ahead on the top row. (North side of the hub)

I do not have any sand. I am hoarding that on the off chance my kindling farm stops being a pita.


:weary: I can’t find any decent sand anywhere.

@illuminawtyness have you tried Aussie Diggers yet?

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How do I get to that dude?

,TNT hub West side third floor

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