Exo Gear Auction. (12 Hours Timer)


I just feel like trying out a auction, so im putting up these 2 items for auction.

Rank 480 Rift Grapple. Max Range, Max Dura and Max Reel speed. Starting Bid 50k

Rank 470 Rift Sling. Max Dmg, Max Crit % and 9/10 Crit Dmg. Starting Bid 50k

No anti snipe timer.
If you bid on both make sure you say the amount on each item. Incase a item gets out bid in the last moment.

Current highest bidder.
Grapple: kristjan 75k
Sling: Nightstar 65k
“This update can be a bit slow since i gotta manually do it each time” :smile:


:wave: 50k on the grapple




I’ll put the starting bid on the bow.



Eh screw it, lets try 60k on the bow


9 Hours left


5 Hours left


55K grapple


60k grapple


65k grapple


70k grapple


Lol i cant believe the grapple is going to go for more than the slingbow XD


I don’t hunt. But I also wouldn’t bid against vansten or nightstar. Wonder if I’m the only one like that :sweat_smile:


I know I would ;). But only if I needed it haha.


I’m watching. Going to gamble that I can be here near the end rather than bidwar.

I wouldn’t be offended. I have a limit in mind, for now we can take another bump and hope vansten’s in bed :imp:

65k on the slingbow.


Less then 2 hours remaining. Ends 17:00 Central time.


75K grapple


1 hour left

I’ll try to time the end of the auction with a message stating it ended, so any bids after doesnt count. Also ill start replying a few min ahead so ppl dont just wait until i start writing to snipe in the last second :slight_smile:
Its ending at 17:00 US Central time. “00:00 my time”


looking at 2:59 here :slight_smile:


Auction Has Ended.