Exo Gear Auction. (12 Hours Timer)

65k grapple

70k grapple

Lol i cant believe the grapple is going to go for more than the slingbow XD

I don’t hunt. But I also wouldn’t bid against vansten or nightstar. Wonder if I’m the only one like that :sweat_smile:

I know I would ;). But only if I needed it haha.

I’m watching. Going to gamble that I can be here near the end rather than bidwar.

I wouldn’t be offended. I have a limit in mind, for now we can take another bump and hope vansten’s in bed :imp:

65k on the slingbow.

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Less then 2 hours remaining. Ends 17:00 Central time.

75K grapple

1 hour left

I’ll try to time the end of the auction with a message stating it ended, so any bids after doesnt count. Also ill start replying a few min ahead so ppl dont just wait until i start writing to snipe in the last second :slight_smile:
Its ending at 17:00 US Central time. “00:00 my time”

looking at 2:59 here :slight_smile:

Auction Has Ended.

So Todays winner of this auction is:
Kristjan bidded 75k for the grapple.
Nightstar bidded 65k for the sling.

Thanks a ton. Winners please message me your ingame names and where/when you wanna meet :slight_smile:

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Done deal, fast and problem free. Thanks a lot.

Just some running around, nightstar has full power and damage epic but no slingbow mastery.

Not too shabby I should enjoy hunting with this.

In game name Kristjan. I can meet you wherever just let me know

I was heading to bed but we can trade now if you want. Im at portal seekers biitula hub. I’ll wait a few couple of minutes and see if you notice the message. Otherwise we can trade tomorrow or when your able to.

perfect. u still there?

Yepp :slight_smile:

ok ill be there in a min

also dont worry for anyone who missed out we will be doing another auction soon and next time it will be 24 hours not 12 so more people will have an opportunity to get their bids in