Exo Jhas is up

Did anyone else find this EXO yet …
Jhas Exo world (AUS-server) is up already :grinning::grinning:


What tier?

accessible from Mak’rib :grinning:


Is it pretty?

Very nice indeed.
Lots of resin; easy to pick up for you all :+1:

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I’ll put more pics in the other thread when it comes up, but yep, pretty one! :slight_smile:

I had jumped on before I had to leave for the office - I thought, well, half hour to kill, maybe I’ll try to make Boundless a cake like I mentioned in another thread? But then, when I got to my Gyosha base, glimpsed up - “Whoa, HOLD UP, that’s new!!” :smiley: So the cake plans went out the window… Sorry Boundless, Happy Birthday still! :wink: Anyways, this thread wasn’t up yet, so scrambled to find it, luckily did - also, I’ve been having some trouble with AUS planets lately (Malu in particular it seems) but luckily it held up. Didn’t seem to be anybody near me.

Yep, good resin here - was able to grab a bunch in the short time I had. :slight_smile: (Still willing to sell or just give to those in need of course!) One thing that jumped out at me - in the time I was there, I noticed it had the same long tunnels that another that was IMO the best goo hunting planet had - but this one has a higher goo % (I’ll put the resource screens). I can’t confirm this yet, but this might be a real good goo hunting world.

j3 j5 j7 j11

j13 j14


Shadow color or black gleam :eyes:

From discord…Silk Teal Gleam >.< Imdaari one

Aww dang another repeat. Silk teal is cardass though i think

Noo…I think silk teal is :poop: actually :yum:

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Today I finally got a fair share of it … :grinning:
I leave the rest of it for you all to collect Fellow Oortians
And dont forget the other goodies
Happy :boundless:

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My whole build is silk teal :cry: lol it looked way better before the lighting update though. Im gonna change it eventually once we get an exo with a good color/easy to farm like the azure and warm orange.

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