Exo KX-112

So this planet has not popped up here.

It is off Alnitans I believe.

Nothing special about the colors as you have seen them numerous times (Turquoise, viridian, and variations of the same). On top of that it is somewhat a pain to traverse with all the holes in the ground.

But if you do want to go, here is what it looks like:

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That’s a creepy planet. I have megalohobia and things like this scare me lol. Space Engine scared me, No Man’s Sky scared me. This planet looks bugged out and for some reason this triggers the megalophobia… Wasn’t it creepy traversing it’s weirds lands?

The old planest on Boundless did the same for me. On the beta worlds you coudl have a hole in the ground at 70 altitude and if you stared down into it you could see nothing but lava at the far end with the creepy beta lava texture. Same with the oceans, they’d all end at the lava level so you could see lava holes if you swam at 70 altitude… Creeped me out so hard. Made it very adventurous tho.

Yeah there were holes that went down at least 100+ blocks to lava. The holes were all over the place. I ran around with my grapples on and they saved me several times. The only water I found was about 20 blocks above the lava down inside of the holes. Really weird planet.

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