Stop the lag, stop the lag, stop the lag,

Press the red button and stop the lag.


this is the new difficulty level.


Literally watching my character die about 100 times now lol

Think I’m stuck in a death cycle

A little much, headache inducing, this is exceeding the limits of my medications.

Welcome to a vomit comet

a new planet spawned. should be less lag on both with players split.



Everybody go the the new one then we can spawn a third one :sunglasses:

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the problem is that I dont think the players will “split” if its just 2 worlds to 240+ players then they will both fill up pretty fast and then they both will be super lagged out!

I think it will balance out. Its only been an hour and a half lol

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hahah gonna be swiss cheese tomorrow
guess ya need be fast for these :smile:

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Yea hopefully the 3rd will spawn right when i log on lol

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Apple core challenge!!! Ignore the lag!! Don’t stop until we see an Apple core!! Do it for your fellow oortions!!

How do you see this?

I made a bot. it’s in #portal-bot on PS discord. you can use the !exo command from any channel if you’re not a member. I will be adding these notifications and command to venari within the next week or two.

Ok, well for now, please keep us updated :grin:

I plan to! =D

Not sure it’s the update or the new worlds. Game has been running like a dog like this for days now.