🎨 Exo planet color profiles/terrain generator

Would it be possible to assign different color rules/profiles/terrain for Exos so that we can get a little more variety?

I assume it’s possible since Umbris planets always arrive with a color palette made up of reds/fuchsias.

It makes sense that the colors on permanent planets would need to compliment each other and be somewhat aesthetically pleasing, but Exos should be crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Would be awesome if we could collect unique-color liquids from Exos for builds.


Maybe tier 8 worlds will have less type-bound palettes.
And wierder biome and color combos.


Yes this is possible. The way the color palette are generated is with some kind of rules that starts from an RNG color between all of them or set points.

If you mean adding different color for the same block on the same exo, it’s not possible.

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So goo kernels are the only resource that can appear in several different colors? Not possible for gleam?

I wonder…is it just too much data for a single planet to load with or?

Goo are resources block that takes the color from the block they spawn on. So their colors aren’t set at the color palette.

Gleam is a block so its color is set at the color palette. It just the way it is set at the moment.

There is multiple option like they could add another gleam_block id and set another color if they would like to have multiple same block with different colors. It would generate some issue like would they stack together etc.

Everything is possible, it just do they have to time to spend on this.

My offer to make more palette is still valid, while i have more free time atm.

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I know this isn’t exactly what you mean but boulders also take the color of the rock they’re on. With that and goo in mind- I wonder if they would be able to do that with more items. Like a pool of resin taking the color of the dominant rock type holding it.

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Not sure that will be possible without a lot of work behind the scenes…


Well dang :worried:

@Gorillastomp you do so much for the Boundless community :blush:
What about a poll to see what colors are most desired right now - for a custom palette? Or did you have one in mind already?

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i think that could be cool to have like a planet every week or month with palette made from a pool