Exo planet megathread - share the locations of planets and discuss tips


we have collected the blocks from each. I’m guessing we will add to the museum at New Nixia Circarpous.

Also just a heads up we have atlases for Vandar and Gotho for sale in the TNT superstore as well as Rift to charge it up with.


Edit: Gotho does have rift

Im late but the couple regions i saw in gotho didnt have much rift. Vander/tanter have a lot more. At least in the couple regions i unlocked

Granted this was yesterday evening and I have no idea how much is left by now


i was just on Gotho about 20 mins ago and the atlas showed a nice big area still glowing where i was standing.


So i was in a bad area :neutral_face: thats what i get for only exploring the region i landed on lol


The reason I’m freaking out is because of the cost!
Its gonna take me 2 weeks just to warp to one planet!! And thats if I don’t buy any tools or coils!!

This is such a ridiculous notion lol. If things were easier to get,
I WOULD USE THEM! …Much better than not being attainable.
Totally not worthless.


they have not been playing the game just hopped in and lagged each other :joy: now for a month they gonna sell it to expensive
play like maniacs and burn out again i hope farming is close our the hunter enemy to keep the momentum going :smile:
i might have a look today but need know what i need to spec and bring to do it im clueless
also dont know how to get there :smile:


I don’t get this.

Just recently cleared another 180k coins or so off of another unforged topaz axe early this week. Granted there’s a time component but it’s not really a problem to gather say, shadow orbs at a rate of 150 - 200 per hour.

No forging, no brews, nothing but whatever you need to survive level 5. And an axe.

I can show you a couple of places to help you identify where tar spots grow. These are usually smaller biomes but they’re in level 3 and in the biome i prefer one of the most common extra loots is inky leaves.

Anyways no problem, usually to gather these at a rate of 150+ per hour.

A topaz axe is perfect for this. And these are just two items. Nobody can regen farm beans that i know of.

Sorry for the outburst but by the time you’re level 25 or something the game will have given you plenty of coins to turn into an AoE power player. Or, if you’re willing to focus on coins for a relatively brief time, you just go get what you need and then you can stop being endlessly held back.

Sorry i mean this as information for those who truly don’t realize what’s going on. I’m not trying to criticize those who don’t push ahead it’s a legit lifestyle choice and I was playing for a couple of months before i started using Gems as my main tools.

I don’t grok the “oh i’ll never afford it” or the “it’s going to take me a year” type comments, but I know it sure comes off super discouraging.


They need to come up with another way to get to the exoworlds. Spending that much coin is not an acceptable option.

Some sort of natural portal, or something.


if ya see a old meteor and enemys swarming ya make small manhole on top shoot from inside out :smile:


My main is a lvl 49 crafter.

My hunter, gatherer and miner are all around lvl 30

I am BROKE. Broke all the time. I don’t have time to spend hours gathering resources

They fixed prestige. Now it’s time to fix FF for real, so builders get the same kind of rewards that hunters get.


Was hoping an Australian exo planet would pop up over night… maybe one day it’ll happen.


I’ve made more coin from wonderstruck in crafting this last week than in hunting or even mining. That’s sort of incidental though it’s just where my avatars are in the cycle. From the levels you’re giving you have tons of coin coming yet.

If you’re not looking to hunt and you’re not looking to gather resources, what are you looking to do on a t7 exo world?


Visit me at Nova Golda on Trung, can set you up to go check out the exo planets!


I gather resources to use them. Not to sell them.

I don’t mind spending a half hour or so if the reward vs. effort was there. But you end up with, maybe, a couple thousand coin worth of stuff…provided it actually sells. (nothing sells except forge gear, for which I’m completely out of my depth)

Eh, don’t mind me. I’m just complaining. I took a few weeks off, party because I was out of everything, and I feel like I’m in such a hole that it’s going to take me days, if not weeks, just to gear up again.


How do you get your resources to build?

I very rarely hunt and I’m sitting with a million and change at the moment.

The majority was gained by doing the following:

Every time I went gathering or mining, I would keep half and sell half, unless it was something I particularly needed (which I kept all of) or something I had an excess of (which I sold all of).
I wasn’t overly fussy about prices most of the time, convenience was preferable to a few extra coins.

I know the market has probably moved on a bit, but I’m sure something similar could still be done.

edit: I should say I mean you have to go out and sell to request baskets, not wait for people to come to you!


I appreciate the offer, but it wont be until about11pm PDT before I can get on.

I need to figure out what I’m doing wrong here, reassess how I play the game, or something.

I’ve been pretty much existing on the generosity of others because everything post-titanium just feels so daunting.

And it’s not even the gems, it’s all the fiddly secondary materials that take FOREVER to gather. (I’m looking at you, bonding agents)

It’s a catch 22. How do you get enough money to avoid hunting when everything that sells you get from hunting?


Unless I can farm them, I buy them.

What are you selling? Everything seems to be something I need or worthless.

I used to do a lot more mining or gathering, but it hardly seems worth the effort. You spend more time gathering mats to make the gear to gather the things you actually need than you do gathering the things you need.


Something I can recommend (pending on time zones) is taking advantage of the groups doing the meteor hunts to the exo planets… you don’t have to do the hunts, just hitch a free ride to the planet(s). If you have discord try getting on the Ultima Guild discord chat… Hope this helpful tip helps you get to the planets… 3400c here n there does add up by the end of the planet(s) life span so I feel your pain @Biv


I need to be honest, I sort of went through this. IT’s why it hurts so bad when someone seems seriously stuck.

Lower level exo planets are supposed to be coming and that alleviates some of your concerns I think butreally I just ran into someone in game who didn’t seem to be super loaded or anything and asked him straight up what he was doing. He told me something that i had given up on and I said to myself “I need to reassess how I’m playing this game”.

I’m not a super player and since I finished out my workshop and everything atm sort of coasting and doing some coop plays with some friends. But a couple thousand coin is not a big problem and if what I’ve already posted doesn’t make sense drop me a PM.

To be fair it’s sometimes good to just take a fresh look at the challenges or whatever through someone else’s eyes.


I was REALLY annoyed when I saw you couldn’t get the new mats on lower tier exoworlds. lol.

I need a “to do” list.

  1. Gather mats to make titanium hammers

  2. Make hammers

  3. Gather mats to forge said hammers

  4. Forge them and hope I don’t screw up and have to start from #1 again.

  5. Use hammers to mine gems for gem gear.

  6. Gather mats for gem gear

  7. Make mass crafts of gem hammers and axes, shovels and grapples

  8. Gather mats to forge them.

  9. Bribe someone to forge them for me because I suck at it.

I need to get and/or make some change chisels in there somewhere, too. Maybe some gems bows.

Like I said, daunting.