Exo planet megathread - share the locations of planets and discuss tips


Anyone who says we don’t need a FF boost can take a flying leap. That’s insane.


T7 Exoworlds: Give me minimum specs for soloing

vivid moss


I just got a question on my YT video as to why a person can’t warp to an Exo planet despite having portal epic & maxed warp skill.

Tip: The T7 Exo planets are super far away. You need to either leach/follow someone else through their temp portal to get there, or go to the nearest T6 planet to warp. @Simoyd 's map is really helpful: https://www.boundless-maps.com/



I’m not seeing how long these planets last? they seem to be picked clean already of the rift


I think I recall it being 3 days. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Ok, I said earlier I wasn’t going to try, but said what they hey and gave it a shot, went to Gotho. Didn’t get any rift, but stayed long enough to get this-


Anybody have tips for finding rift? I may have been panicking too hard and syked myself out of good spots lol


buy one and use an atlas. but its all gone. i mean there’s scraps if you’re lucky but the big spots are all gone. I guess if you have a job you wont be lucky. three days, should be three hours


Nice! Congrats! On my todo list for tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Nah it’s not all gone, large patches still there! But it is indeed dwindling fast!


6 days. it says the time left if you go to the world page under places in the character menu.


A. It’s not all gone. There’s plenty.
B. Get an atlas. Beg, borrow, or buy a piece of raw rift to put on your atlas.
C. Dig from an alt of 25-40. That’s where I’ve been finding it…in the caves underground.

This planet has 5 days left:


how are you going to say plenty with that? thats one tiny region and thats not the norm of whats left. most regions have 2-3 tiny splotches. try other planets to see. I get encouraging people I just dont give them false hope so i say its scraps. To not get anyones hopes up. even when they get to those spots on your screenshot they will be faced with gaping holes and grapling to break a few rocks to hopefully get something underneath. what’s left is literally scraps. three days seems too long for planet respawns at this rate


This feature will be in the game forever. Why are ppl freaking out like it’s a limited time event.


Atlases are updated in real time. If you see a hot spot, there is ore there.

If it was super easy peasy, it wouldn’t be worth anything.


On Vandar:
gleam, growth, sponge, mould, tangle and more all in one spot
Also in lake so not to much bother from mobs!
Regen bombs a must :slight_smile:

384N 1326E 63


I just got a stack of gleam from one of these planets. Its it disgusting and vile.


Almost 6 days


Has anyone taken one for the team and noted down all the colours of materials on these new planets?