Exo planet megathread - share the locations of planets and discuss tips


only 73 damage for hitting the floor? you hacker


Oooh, quite pretty! :slight_smile:





So, there’s US West, US East and EU exo planets. Hope the Aus one isn’t too far away!


made from the vivid moss gleam of vandar…rather nice potential I think



rift glows really bright! So it is easy to spot in a cave if you are looking for your first one!


just found some https://www.twitch.tv/majorvex


What altitude are you finding rift at


I found rift at 16, can probably go lower though for more.

Edit. Actually, like silver. 16 upwards is better under mountains


Thankyou were you in a mountain or under water lava


do atlas’ work on exo worlds?





Rift Mining done! I got my share! Yay, can’t wait to make some stuff from it!!!


how did you get so much, so quickly?
I’ve been chomping through rock for over an hour and only got 30


Only 3 hours and 17 minutes to go, oh wait, then you have to refine it as well :grin:


True! In the meantime…I am collecting Pepermints


So how much does it cost to warp to these?

I’m seeing people say things like 3000c?

That can’t be real, right? That’s almost a weeks worth of coin.


3400c depending upon which planet you warp from


Holy #$$/##@$


And all that coin leaves the game, never to be seen/circulated again. :woman_shrugging: