Exo planet megathread - share the locations of planets and discuss tips


Just got booted out the game


list-gameservers only does non-temporary planets. I’m querying visible for all planets to find the temp planets.


Reading these comments and given my not-so-good connection anyways, maybe I should just wait and wake up real early tomorrow and try, like 3 or 4 EST… :thinking: And I guess it is no rush, can always catch the next bus so to speak, I guess!




Just got kicked off the planet
Now says “World Full”


Same. I guess that’s 3400c we won’t see again.


if you’re in sanctom and the left portal is open to the planet, you will get priority queue on that planet.

EDIT: source:

I assume this meant returning to the world you’re on…


World is having severe server lag right now. Unable to kill or flee from anything that appears.
Best to avoid critters as much as possible as it currently means likely instant death


i tried warping to my point on the exo world and it says to increase my skill but i’m maxed… how do you get there??


warp from houchus I

Vandar visible from:
Houchus I - Distance: 42
Kol Huroo - Distance: 52
Norkyna - Distance: 52



thanks I got on. now i have other issues lol youve got to be kidding me with this lag. my screen is jumping all over. im walking when im not. i fell off a mountain somehow and its still walking and jumping. this was done so bad wtf



cant warp 52 blinksecs so not sure how we’re supposed to get there…


Massive massive LLLLLAAAGGG!




Can you see it from vandar? Would be an expensive 2 jumps though

Edit: nvm saw new post


Atlas not working? Or is rift that rare?


New planet is up!


there is some alg issue atm so it might not update properly