Exo Shuttle Station - Free Rides to Exos!

Heading to t7 nilrebmah in 30ish mins, meet at station :slight_smile:


New exo up! :slight_smile:

Got to go dump some stuff, but I’ll be headed to TNT Alcyon soon to go - very tentative taxi since I might have to bail, but I’ll wait there for a little bit when I get there.

What is it

Be rift pls boundless gods

Shock - T6 I think! I’m still going but not there yet, I’ll announce in chat when I’m at TNT Alcyon!

Edit: At TNT Alcyon now, will wait here a few minutes. :slight_smile:

Completed atlases for Excaldontriga added to the stand. Will make another batch when I go back to the Exo after work as well, if needed.


Heading back to Excal in about 10-15 mins if anyone wants to tag along.


Great, thanks!! :smiley: I’ll add one each of topaz and goo to a couple next time I’m on for the other stand, I think. :slight_smile:

No word on another exo.

Oorty Claus and Elves, can we pleeeasssee have a new exo in our stocking? :pleading_face: :baby: :santa:

I’d love to be able to run some taxis to a new Saturday night exo…! :wink:


I still need to visit calc haha

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Unfortunately gone now, down to Excal… Cala was a great one, so many sapphires!

Ah yeah, thats right… I removed the blank atlases from Cala this morning.


Thinking of making one last trip to Excal if anyone wants to tag along. Will wait for about 15 mins before heading out.


Put some completed atlases and location tokens for Velustral up in the exo station.


Added atlases and location tokens for Lununmo as well.

Added atlases and location tokens for Prefsbelta Aqua


Thank you so much for doing these!! :smiley: I added Umbris to a couple of Velustral’s, and Kindling to one of Prefsbelta Aqua’s, for the resource atlas stand. :slight_smile:

At the station now, headed to Velustral in 10-15 or so. Got a lot of catching up to do on exos, so should be around a lot now. :wink: Though may sneak in a little rest here soon! But drop a line in chat if anybody wants a taxi anywhere, I’m game for any of them any time!


New Rift exo up!! First trip went very well! :smiley: I think I can forget the resting thing - I wanna stay up and explore and mine rift! :smile: But slept in car so I’m good I think, haha.

Going to run another taxi here in a bit, will drop some things, I’ll post in chat when at station. :slight_smile: Pretty world too!

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Tokens for Xada are ready at the shuttle.

3 Great gleam locations, go crazy my friends!


Awesome thanks!! :smiley: Pretty gleam!

I’m at station now, afk, will leave soon though if any are wanting to go. :slight_smile: