Exo Shuttle Station - Free Rides to Exos!

I don’t actually use it myself except to lurk in on it! :wink: This one is useful to check in on from time to time - you’ll see time left on current exos, and sometimes get lucky and see one very soon after it gets caught by the scanner. I prefer the feeling of seeing one in the sky first - but even in those cases, I can then look at the scanner to see where to go to warp, saves some time!

Reminded of something about giving a fish vs teaching to fish… and yeah I use that bookmark because it tells the important details of current Exo’s and a time remaining in the users local time.

Hey it worked for me great information.

New shock exo up! :smiley: See in the discord that it has pale lilac gleam. Withdrew next post as I didn’t remember that gleam was permanent… but I’ll still leave the tokens in there, won’t hurt anything I suppose. :wink:

I’m going to jump on for a few, no time to run a taxi right now but if any want to meet me at TNT Norkyna, should be there in about 5 or so. :slight_smile:

Foeros XIII-A

ID: usw3_t5_3 (181)
Server: gs-live-usw3.playboundless.com
Temporary: Yes
Appeared 20 minutes ago
Will be available for 4 days 20 hours 9 minutes
Tier: 6
Server Region: usw
World Type: SHOCK
World Size (16-block chunks): 192
Number of Regions: 34
Closest Planets:
Norkyna: 42 blinksecs (warp 3340-3420 coin)

Edit: Resource screens. Pretty block colors! :slight_smile: Might focus on goo here-


Hows everyone doing today?


Completed atlases and location tokens for Foeros XIII-A now ready at the station.


An umbris exo would be great but not for another 4 hours lol.

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Heading out to Beta in about 20 mins if anyone wants a ride. Will wait at TNT Cardass.

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Thanks, put resources in a few and moved them over! :smiley:

I’m at TNT Norkyna AFK for a few here if any want to come to the new one.

I’m thinking of putting a chrysominter in the station too, if nobody minds. Just think it might be convenient for the old tokens and stuff we might forget to throw away before trips. :slight_smile:


Making one last trip to Beta in about 20 mins if anyone wants a ride.Will be leaving from TNT Cardass.


Got one gleam spot (20 gleam in a little cave) and five blink spot tokens up. :slight_smile:

Headed back soon, going to the last blink spot I had which was good - ruby too - if any want to meet me at TNT Shedu Tier.


Where are the tokens atlases lol I dont see any

Weird it’s not showing up on the stand

Oops, price must have wiped on the tokens - I’ll go back in a few and reset, sorry! :slight_smile: (Unless someone actually took them all already, in which case I’ll restock!)

I didn’t put any atlases up though.

Edit: Yep, it was the prices, whoops. :flushed: Fixed!

Yea I’ll fill an atlas try to at least

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Idk why but I always forget blink alt

Might have one done here before too long myself.

Blink is 0-20 or 25 or so. :slight_smile: I

Put completed atlases and some location tokens in the station.


Great, thanks! :smiley: I’ll get a few moved over with Blink in a little bit!


… At station now, taxi to Otrardiang in about 10. :slight_smile:

Put a diamond in one atlas I moved over too. I’ll check one of those spots in a bit, some big ones out there! Might be worth it once the blink is Swiss Cheese. :smile: