Exo-Vlahamak-USE T5


ID: use5_t4_0 (94)
Server: gs-live-use5.playboundless.com
Temporary: Yes
Appeared 1 minute ago
Will be available for 4 days 17 hours 56 minutes
Tier: 5
Server Region: use
World Type: SHOCK
World Size (16-block chunks): 192
Number of Regions: 30
Closest Planets:
Serpensarindi: 30 blinksecs (warp 2380-2460 coin)
Alnitans: 37 blinksecs (warp 2940-3020 coin)
Besevrona: 37 blinksecs (warp 2940-3020 coin)
Till: 42 blinksecs (warp 3340-3420 coin)
Flan: 44 blinksecs (warp 3500-3580 coin)


Hope it’s got some cool stuff on it. Thanks for the report.

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Awesome Format you posted in!

You’re welcome. Figured if I’m awake and see the discord bot post it I should let the forums know even if I no longer play :sweat_smile:

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Hey I’d take use of it, if I wasn’t in bed on my phone. :joy:

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You stopped playing at all or just for the day/night?

I log in to fuel portals for guild mates and maybe throw items in a shop stand. Log out right after. So maybe 20min every couple of days


Sad to read that but enjoy whatever else you doing :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile: Although I won’t be able to play for another ten hours or so, nice to know there will be a new exo waiting when I get home. :smiley:

Do I need special portal blocks to get to an exo?

no, just regular warp blocks, even those in sanctum will do. it costs a few thousand to open and you need to shoot the planet with a warp augment. or you can hitch a ride with someone else for free


You need a warp augment. Put that into a totem and travel to the closest world to that exo. In this case Serpensarindi. Then look up into the sky for a planet that will be moving around. Shoot the totem at it and you will get a warp location added to location list. You can then just return to sanctum and use the right side portal to warp there. It will take about 2400+ to pay for the warp though.

Alternatively you could catch a ride with someone else there for free. A lot of people are willing to give out free rides.

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anyone found a good gleam spot yet ?