Exocrondon'a Pega

What a mouthfull!

This one is very interesting. I explored until both of my grapples blew up, I only got 23/34 so there’s more to do later. As an experimental planet, I’d say it’s pretty cool. As something to keep, I have mixed feelings.

It’s orbiting the wrong planet, so this one will be temporary in any case. It’s great fun to travel around though, with some pretty interesting mashups of low level stuff, so far.

I like the small pocket biomes a lot. I wish I had come on this one in the light:

There’s some stuff I expect on higher levels:

It’s got at least one nice Deep Sea but I didn’t find any growth :frowning_face:

Gilligan the spitter!

I couldn’t quite get an angle I liked on this broken stonehenge forming a gate to a lovely valley:

It has a few too many areas of jumbled rock formations so far - other than that lots of very nice stuff. IF it was orbiting Raxxa I’d be considering it for long term but since it’s at Sorissi it will just be something fun to troll around and check out for a few weeks.

I’m likely to come add more pics to this thread though, both as I visit the rest of the planet, and just manage to see wome of what I skimmed over during the daylight. I spent over two hours there, sometimes going a very long ways distracted before remembering I was supposed to be hitting regions for the atlas.

Bonsai! :rofl:


Very pretty ! Do not move, I bring the aperitif… When I have one day created an account! :sweat_smile:

It’s a pretty planet.

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Yeah the random colors are fairly soothing. Nice and bright without being too “alien”.

I’m not sure if I’ll adjust much before I finalize them. I’ll go back later and finish the atlas, I do hope to find a gleam ball on the other side.

EDIT: OMG IT SAYS BALL! :rofl: :crazy_face: :clown_face: :partying_face:

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For the colors, you were lucky. For me each time, it was a delirium under acid at the reception or a bad Tim burton production for Netflix :flushed:

this name deserves future! :laughing: :sunglasses:

if you don’t keep this planet, save the name for the one you decide to keep - it’s too precious to be lost lol

cool, ill make a diary entry tomorrow :smiley: