ExoPlanet Spawning

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Has anyone else noticing since the reboot of the servers that exoplanets haven’t been spawning? I’m hoping that I’m just jumping the gun and a couple will spawn in soon; I only brought it up because I just built an Exo Museum and can’t get started filling it without there being any out.

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Wir hatten nichts auf der PS4 zwecks Update usw.

Same @WorldsPoster is not posting new ones, so it might be broken or intentionally turned off.

@blake is it possible the weather reboot broke exo spawning?

didnt it happen in the past?
I feel like it has… :thinking:

There was a good amount of time when we didn’t have any exo that’s true. I don’t remember if that was after a server reboot though

I could be mistaken, but I think last time was because of sovereigns coming out.

It looks like this is (probably) fixed, though.