Exoworld Building Competition - Item Sink

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They should allow beacons/building on select exoplanets. Once the exoplanet is gone, all materials left behind are destroyed. The build or builds with the highest prestige are added to a scoreboard and the top one(s) showcased. These competitions could be restricted or unrestricted. Example restrictions could be radius cap around beacon, total plot cap, above/below sea level only, no machines, player’s choice etc. On exoplanets the Chrysominter gains prestige for the build instead of providing coins and logs all items deposited.

All of the builds could be stored on a blank new planet void of resources as a showcase. In this blank world no blocks can be broken nor do HP, energy, or item durability deplete. A book similar to guild log displays involved builders, clan association, all blocks in the build, quantity of items ran through the Chrysominter, etc.

The planet would only be only accessible via the sanctum. Alternatively a special portal token could be given to the player with the highest prestige from the build. It would require no Oort to power. The player could choose to place this wherever they please, however a player made hub with all competition winners sounds nice. Leaving through any portal on this planet returns you to where you came from to avoid the creation of a free portal network.


I feel like it would encourage prestigue dumping as opposed to saving the “best” builds. The idea is good, but the execution not so much.


This would allow someone to open up a portal to the Exo world as at this time that is the only thing preventing such. Exo worlds should not have portals on them.

I feel this is a bit over the top. The devs can not or will not allow us to keep the atlas of an expired exo world due to „costs“, Sustaining a showcase would be just as costly if not even more costly, as the show cases build up.

…Why? Prestige is a value given to blocks that are apart of a build, Shoving stuff into a box as an way to get around your own restrictions makes little sense, furthermore the devs have nerfed compacted prestige vaults, so this makes even less sense in that regards to have a vault that doesn’t even really exist.

I feel it is better just to have build competitions on the normal worlds, hosted by a player who sets the rules and prizes, and the builds can be left in place after it is over if the players who built the things want it to be „showcased“. and it allows the builds to be judged by the extremely subjective nature of „art“ and things that look nice,

Prestige is wonderful for PvP, however It is not very useful for the type of competitions I think you are trying to promote.

Unfortunately I feel the idea of building on Exo worlds as a competition is a complex production for something I feel is better suited as being ran as a player driven/hosted event and not as a system driven/hosted event.