Expanding settlement problem

Somehow by expanding my roads my alt took over as Warden.
I know for a fact that my main Toon has significantly more prestige.
Is this a bug?
In fact all the stats are out of wack. :astonished:

Make sure you have not disconnected your main building with the additional roads from your settlement as this is a common issue.

Go to your building and see if it says something along this line: “This Beacon bridges two or more separate Settlements and cannot merge.”

If it does you need to figure out where the new roads have caused this.

also make sure any new roads you plotted is 3 plots high or wide to connect to the existing settlement… had that issue where i missed that from a bridge what was made being only one plot wide…

hope this helps as well :slight_smile:

Thanks much. That last suggestion sounds like the most attractive to me. An excuse to build high up :sunglasses:

np… look into both suggestions just in case :)…

I’m pretty sure it has to be 3 plots wide, not high. I remember people saying that the game looks at the footprint only.

I have done 3 high… one below the bridge and one above and it connected the other half of the city to my settlement.

Can confirm it’s not footprint only, also have 3 high 1 wide sections on my bridge and it’s correctly classified as part of my beacon over 15 plots away

You only need 3 wide… you could save a lot of plots. Remove some of those.

As far as I know two wide or high is enough.

I tried 2 and it would not connect… as soon as I added a plot below the 2 above it connected so I have my bridge road plot, one plot above and one plot under the road plot… I know I can do 3 wide but I chose this way in case I decided to do something with the bridge that needs the height :slight_smile:

It also doesn’t necessarily need to be every spot. I have bridges 1 plot wide. Every other plot I made 3 high. It connects. You may want to experiment with every 3rd, but I am too lazy.

I got it fixed. :grin: The “Two high” seems to work. I only went 3 high in a couple of spots. I kept falling and dying trying to fix it. But it’s fixed so I’m happy :smiley:. Thanks again for the help.

You’re welcome… glad we helped you out :slight_smile: