Expanding your inventory

This has been discussed a few times on the old forums but i dont think we have anything here.

so the discussion is if we should be able to expand our inventory, and if yes then how.

first arguments for.

we need a standard inventory size that works for everybody, but a miner might need more space for materials while a blacksmith might need more space for equipment, so it would suck if they were limited


They should be limited because then people have to live with what they have (best argument i have)

Please do keep in mind, as the plan is now you are going to drop everything that is either not in your pouch that holds tokens and currency or is not equipped to your character. so bigget bagspace means you can carry more, but it doesnt save you from dropping items.

Ways of doing it.

!) you can equip 4 more bags, the bags wil be the size of a few more slots to quite a bit more slots, the bigger the bag the harder it is to obtain, could also be a reward for doing hard things like titans. These bags would be labeled so they would only increase the given type of bag space so ‘‘Equipment bag:4 slots’’ ‘‘Material Bag 4 slots’’ etc…

  1. you would pay for getting more bag slots and the price would go up, the price would stay seperate for each bag, so the bag slot would be ‘’#slot * 100g’’ or something, so the first bag upgrade costs 100g,the next 200, 300, 400 etc… if i have 12 equipment bag slots and 0 material bag slots, it still only costs 100g to upgrade my material bags althoughti t would cost 1300 for the equipment bag.

the first option would allow for bags to be part of crafting professions such as tailoring for bags and blacksmith for metal boxes (would work the same)

while the 2nd option everybody can do as they get money and would work as a great goldsink

Thoughts? option 1? 2? another?


The first option is what I prefer. As you said bigger space does also meet bigger loss on death, so I have no problem with some more space as it is only good as long you still stay alive :wink: … Especially to set the bags on a special type of items which can put in them is good because it underlines the specialisation of each character.

A special option I was thinking about in the past ate bags that saves the items in them for being lost on death. Those bags should be really limited in size but can be used for players with loosing paranoias, especially if they are on the hunt for special rare mats on distant worlds and want them to be safe till they come home. But if those bags will come into the game they should be limited in size and be only equipable once per character (for example if “normal” bags have from 4 to 12 slots, but the safe ones only 2 to 6 and you can only have one).

I also like the idea to have a larger main inventory if you wear a backpack. So you have the choice to equip a tool or protective item on your back or “just” a pack, which would mean “skill, protection OR more inventory” :wink:

yes inventory is not the biggest, the idea withs bag is good.
a bag has the advantage you have a bigger inventory AND you can sort items. and that is something i miss at the moment. something to sort my inventory
and i prefer version 1, becouse i found it should give a limit for slots of bags. and i prefer no increased prices
maybe diferent bag sizes (5, 10, 20 ore something but a limit)

I’m not here to bother with inventory sizes, but have you considered that a small inventory encourages you to seek safety more often?

Not much, as i said the argument for not having it would be that you just have to live with it and kinda force to pick what you want to carry around. but encouraging to seek safety? not really. if i have more materials in my bag i would eel more encouraged to find safety and it would make dying so much more of a pain.